Meningitis Vaccinations


Immunize Children in Burkina Faso Against a Fatal Disease

THIS PROJECT WILL HELP: 1,250 Children in Burkina Faso

When a child in Burkina Faso vomits, has a headache and fever, it could be the flu. Or it could be something even more deadly—meningitis.

The virus that causes meningitis inflames the tissues surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Without treatment, the fatality rate can be as high as 70 per cent. Forty per cent of people who contract the disease are left with permanent side effects, including brain damage and hearing loss. Once someone has had meningitis, they are vulnerable to getting it again and again. Depending on the severity, people can die within a few hours of coming down with the illness.

With a vaccine, this suffering and potential disability or loss of life are preventable.

Located in the “meningitis belt” of Sub-Saharan Africa, approximately 2,500 people in Burkina Faso contract the disease annually. Meningitis is spread through direct contact with an infected person or their bodily fluids. The disease is particularly active during the country’s dry season. Though eradication of meningitis is important to the Burkinabe government, the last time they held a mass vaccination was 2010—limited resources have prevented further mass efforts.

Since 2006, Compassion has already vaccinated 42,023 children in Burkina Faso. One dose of the vaccine as a child, plus a booster shot at 16, protects against most strains of meningitis. At Compassion’s recently opened centres in two meningitis-prone regions of Burkina Faso, there are many children that still need to be vaccinated.

You can help churches in poor areas of Burkina Faso protect these children from meningitis. Your gift will supply the vaccine as well as teaching caregivers how to prevent this disease. Your investment in the long-term health of children in Burkina Faso will give them the opportunity to lead healthy, productive lives.

Give to protect children in poverty from a deadly disease.

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