Computer Lab and Training


Improve Academic Performance with Computer Training and Safe Internet Access

THIS PROJECT WILL HELP: 839 youth from two Compassion centres in Peru

Eight-year-old Piero* knew that finishing his homework wouldn’t be easy. He needed to use the Internet to finish his assignment, but like most families in his community, Piero’s family didn’t own a computer. To finish his homework, Piero needed to go to the public Internet centre. Walking quickly, he kept his wits about him as he made his way through the crime-filled neighbourhood. Once he arrived at the public Internet centre, he focused on his homework, trying to ignore the other patrons playing violent video games or watching pornography.

In Piero’s neighbourhood of El Porvenir, only 20 per cent of families have access to the Internet. Without easy access to computers, most children do their homework at public Internet centres. These centres are located in high crime areas, and don’t have the security filters designed to protect children from negative, offensive or harmful content.

Not only do children face dangerous situations to complete their homework, but they also miss out on opportunities to learn the computer skills needed to succeed in Peru’s workforce. The local public schools only have one computer for every 17 students. That means children don’t get enough time to learn how to use computers well.

But you can help create a safe place for children to use computers and access the Internet. A computer lab for children and teens will allow children and tutors from two Compassion centres to learn essential computer skills. Your gift will help purchase computers, printers, software licenses and security for the computer centre. It will also provide training for the Compassion tutors, so they can teach the children how to use common computer applications. Children will have a safe place to use the Internet and learn computer skills, giving them the chance to do well in school.

Give the gift of a computer lab and help children succeed at school.

*Piero’s story is a composite of situations common to children in El Porvenir, Peru.


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