High School Scholarships


Help Students in Burkina Faso Continue their Education through Secondary School.

THIS PROJECT WILL HELP: 545 students across 19 Compassion centres in Burkina Faso

Celina* enters her iron-roofed home as she returns from primary school. She draws a drink of water from a large, ceramic pot and goes to sit with her mother, who is preparing beans and rice for the family. Food security is an ongoing issue throughout Burkina Faso and Celina’s parents work hard to ensure that she and her siblings are fed.

Celina’s father works a day labourer—he might earn the equivalent of US$4 this month. In this area of the country, Celina knows that employment opportunities are scarce. She also knows that she is lucky to attend school, as only 36 per cent of the population goes to primary school. But Celina wants to continue her education—she hopes to become a school teacher one day.

In Burkina Faso, only 15 per cent of students continue to secondary education, which is a seven-year program. General studies are taught for the first four years, and successful students receive professional or vocational training for the final three years.

Insufficient infrastructure and limited staff are some of the reasons secondary school education is so limited throughout Burkina Faso. School fees also increase drastically from the primary to the secondary level, making it difficult for families to afford their children’s education. As a result, secondary school is rarely a priority and many children drop out of school after completing primary level education. While Compassion centres manage to pay about 40% of the school fees for registered children, the remaining fees and auxiliary needs such as school stationery, uniforms, transportation and school meals make secondary education unaffordable for most families.

But this cycle doesn’t have to continue. With your help, 545 students will receive a scholarship to continue their education through secondary school. As they progress, these students could receive vocational training to become school teachers, nurses, midwives, police officers or administrative clerks. This gift of education will give these students the motivation and the skills to become economically self-supporting and break the cycle of poverty.

Give the gift of an academic scholarship and help children achieve their vocational dreams.

*Celina’s story is a composite, typical of a child living in Burkina Faso.


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