University preparatory training

Funding required: $188,800

This project will help: 2,183 students from 200 Compassion centres across Ethiopia

Estimated completion date: November 2018

Abel* is both excited and worried. He is excited because, unlike so many in his community, he has been given the opportunity to attend university. This will open doors for his future—doors that will offer him the freedom to choose a career and affect change in Ethiopia. He is worried though, because going to university means leaving his community, his family and his church. He’ll be exposed new ideas, conflicts and pressures to compromise his beliefs. Abel knows some students have even dropped out because of struggles with addiction, because they weren’t equipped to manage themselves.

University is a rare opportunity in Ethiopia. Only 8 per cent of students go on to post-secondary education and are often assigned to schools far from their homes. Because of this separation from their communities, students are often not ready to handle their newfound independence from their families and the values on which they were raised. Social pressures, compounded by academic difficulty, send many students home, seriously impacting their ability to find a livelihood that will allow them financial security and freedom.

Students like Abel don’t need to face this new challenge in life unprepared. You can help Compassion International Ethiopia provide pre-university training for registered university entrants. The training enables students like Abel to set their goals, prepare them to face the challenges of higher education and cope with the new situations found in life outside the classroom.

Youth who receive opportunities for university preparatory training will also continue to receive spiritual development at their Compassion centre. This is an important aspect of Compassion’s holistic program, which seeks to nurture Christian leadership. Youth participate weekly in our holistic development curriculum, facilitated by caring Christian community members. They study the Bible, develop Christ-like character, learn leadership skills, serve their communities in love and participate in Christian worship and prayer. Thus, youth are discipled to become Christian leaders who will influence their communities for Christ.

*Abel’s story, while not real, is typical of a student entering university in Ethiopia.
Give the gift of a clear vision for a balanced and successful university life.

University preparatory training

Provide young people in Colombia with the relevant vocational skills to enter the workforce with confidence.

Summary: You can help 2,183 Ethiopian students entering university understand and retain what is important to them in the face of the new experiences, temptations and independence of university life away from home. This training will position students to achieve their post-secondary education goals, so they can go on to have well-paid jobs and break the cycle of poverty.

  • Child development centres impacted: 200 Child Development Centres in Ethiopia.
  • The problem: University is an important part of economic freedom in Ethiopia – being unsuccessful in gaining a university degree can have significant negative effects on obtaining a job for most Ethiopians. With newfound independence and challenges, students often fail due to poor time management skills, addiction and poor social interactions. Others find the strain of academic life too difficult; still others are simply homesick from being far away from their families. These young people have worked hard to earn high grades for university, but without preparation for life away from home on urban campuses, many will fail to reach their potential.
  • What is provided through this gift:
    • Professional trainers to head regional training sessions for university entrants
    • A three-day training-of-trainers (TOT) orientation for volunteers
      • The importance of purpose in life
      • Sexual purity
      • Academic excellence
      • Time management and study skills
      • Experiences from alumni on campus life
    • Travel costs for the training teams


  • Local contribution: $1,028.36 USD
  • Monitoring: The individual training teams will be responsible for report compilation and photo capturing upon completion of the student training.
  • Handling of funds: Compassion International Ethiopia will be responsible for paying for the trainers’ orientation, as well as allocating funds to each team of trainers in their regions.
  • Follow-up: A comparison of before and after training will be done to evaluate the impact of the knowledge brought about through the training. Upon completion of the training, students will be well-adjusted to university life.

No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.