Higher education for youth in Kenya

Funding required: $12,587

This project will help: Two students from a Compassion centre in Ngaamba, Kenya

Estimated completion date: August 2020

In a small hillside community in Kenya, Kitili Mutula and Everlyn Ndanu Kamwende are excited for the future. Both from humble families, they have worked hard to earn entrance to college and university to pursue their dreams.

Mutula is a humble, well-disciplined young man. Since losing his mother a couple of years ago, he has been living with his brother and their grandmother. Despite the challenges, Mutula qualified for a three-year diploma course in Electrical Engineering at Wote Technical College and is currently in his first year. But with no relatives to support him financially, Mutula relies on support from his Compassion centre for even his basic needs.

Ndanu is also a bright and responsible student. She and her mentally ill mother have no one to provide for them and rely on well-wishers and the church for their daily needs. Compassion’s support has allowed Ndanu to enroll at Egerton University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology. Unfortunately, her efforts to qualify for government loans has been futile.

The local church partner assists beneficiaries with school fees, but they are unable to fully fund education for these two students. Without outside help, Mutula and Ndanu won’t be able to pursue their dreams.

You can help these two students in Kenya achieve their dreams of higher education. Youth like Mutula and Ndanu who receive opportunities for college and university training will also continue to receive spiritual development at their Compassion centre. This is an important aspect of Compassion’s holistic program, which seeks to nurture Christian leadership. Youth participate weekly in our holistic development curriculum, facilitated by caring Christian community members. They study the Bible, develop Christ-like character, learn leadership skills, serve their communities in love and participate in Christian worship and prayer. Thus, youth are discipled to become Christian leaders who will influence their communities for Christ.

Give the gift of tuition and help two young people provide for their families.

Higher education

Help two students in Kenya achieve their dreams of post-secondary education.

Summary: This initiative will allow two deserving students in Kenya to attend college and university. Funds will be used to cover tuition and additional expenses such as food and accommodations. A post-secondary education will position these students to earn well-paying jobs and lift their families out of poverty.

  • Child development centres impacted: KE-634
  • The problem: Education interventions have proven to be effective and sustainable solutions to poverty. However, education presents a significant financial strain to most families in Kenya, many of whom live below the universal poverty line of US$1.25 a day. In fact, most of the adults in this community are unemployed or work as farmers and earn about $13 per month, putting access to higher education out of reach. While the local implementing church partner has been fully supporting Mutula and Ndanu’s education fees, rising costs in the education budget has made it impossible to fully fund these two students’ education. Without outside help, Kitili and Ndanu won’t be able to pursue their dreams and will have no choice but to settle for low-paying jobs, continuing the cycle of poverty.
  • What is provided through this gift:
    • College/University tuition for two students
      • Pocket money for accommodation and meals


  • Monitoring: Centre staff will monitor students throughout the year to ensure that they are excelling and thriving in their college/university programs.
  • Handling of funds: Centre leadership and staff will ensure all fees and tuition are paid to the academic institutions in full and on time.
  • Follow-up: Compassion staff will follow the progress of each student through their education, encouraging them to keep moving forward until graduation.

No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.