Sanitary latrines

Funding required: $15,400

This project will help: 444 children and youth in Thailand

Estimated completion date: September 2019

Mana*, a 16-year-old girl in Thailand, was so embarrassed. She’d been in the middle of computer class at her Compassion centre when she felt nature call. Mana headed to the washroom, but when she saw the line, she was devastated. She would have to wait at least 30 minutes. There was no way she could hold it that long. Mana also noticed several boys in line; sharing toilets with boys always made her uncomfortable.

Feeling defeated, Mana snuck outside, praying her friends wouldn’t see her.

The last time she relieved herself in the woods behind the church she contracted a disease, which caused her to miss school for a week. She was also fearful of the woods; the area was filled with wild animals. Sadly, she’d also heard of a girl from her community who was also recently assaulted there.

Normally, Mana loved coming to the centre. She could learn, have fun with friends and study the Bible. Her teachers also made her feel loved and supported. But if the latrine situation didn’t change soon, Mana didn’t know if she would return.

Many children in Thailand who attend the Baan Hang Kham Rak Santikeeree and Tem Fan Compassion centres feel like Mana. The lack of adequate latrines causes embarrassment and leads to health issues. Children suffer from diarrhea, parasitic diseases and urinary tract infections. When children become sick, they miss school and valuable time at their centres.

You can help 444 children like Mana stay free from diseases and give them a sense of dignity. Your gift today will provide sanitary washrooms for two centres in Thailand, as well as four satellite locations. In addition, entire communities will be trained on the importance of proper hygiene, which saves lives.

Give children in Thailand the gift of health and dignity—provide safe, clean latrines!
*Mana’s story is a composite, typical of a teenage girl living in Thailand.

Sanitary latrines

Help keep children in Thailand healthy and safe by providing clean washrooms.

Summary: This initiative will provide sanitary latrines for two Compassion centres in Thailand, as well as four satellite locations. These latrines will prevent diseases and help restore children’s dignity. Entire communities will also be trained on the importance of proper hygiene and hand washing, which often saves lives.

Child development centres impacted: TH-986 (and its four satellite locations) and TH-987

The problem: Baan Hang Kham Rak Santikeeree Compassion centre and Tem Fan Compassion centre, as well as its four satellite locations, do not have nearly enough toilets to accommodate the number of children they serve. In fact, Baan Hang Kham Rak Santikeeree only has two toilets to accommodate 151 children. Each month, attendance at the centres is rising, so they need added latrines immediately. Children are disappointed when they miss classes at their centres because of waiting in long lines. Many teenage girls in these centres also feel uncomfortable sharing toilets with boys. When children are forced to relieve themselves outside, they risk contracting serious health problems. In the past year, at the Tem Fan centre, 25 children were unable to attend centre activities due to diarrhea, 15 children missed centre activities because of parasitic diseases and the cases of urinary tract infections tripled. Another issue is that the woods behind these churches can be dangerous. These areas are home to wild animals, and children are also at risk of being sexually assaulted. When children relieve themselves outside, they often feel embarrassed and lose their sense of dignity.

What is provided through this gift:

  • 20 latrines installed at Tem Fan Compassion centre and its four satellite locations (four latrines per location)
  • 8 latrines installed at Baan Hang Kham Rak Santikeeree Compassion centre
  • Training for families on proper hygiene, sanitation and hand washing


Local contribution: $1,965.86; churches will also recruit volunteers to assist with labour.

Monitoring: Church leaders and staff will carefully monitor and evaluate this project. Local public health staff will be invited to conduct hygiene and hand washing training.

Handling of funds: Centre directors will be responsible for purchasing the required equipment.

Follow-up: Staff and church leaders will follow up with children and families to ensure they are using hygienic practices.


No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.