School tuition top-up

Funding required: $89,050

This project will help: 198 young people

Estimated completion date: August 2019


Emmanuel* woke up excited to go to school. He was determined to be at the top of his class again this year. He dreamed of becoming a doctor, overcoming poverty and helping his family. His future looked bright!

But as soon as he entered his classroom, everything changed. His teacher made a crushing announcement in front of the whole class. “I’m sorry, Emmanuel,” she said, “your parents didn’t pay your tuition. You can’t be here.”

Feeling humiliated, Emmanuel picked up his books and left. As he walked home, he wondered how his dreams would ever come true. Emmanuel’s parents did the best they could, but like most people in their Ugandan village, they simply couldn’t afford tuition. Now that he was 16 years old, Emmanuel needed to start preparing for his future. But if he couldn’t attend school, he would fall behind on his lessons. Getting into university and medical school suddenly felt out of reach.

Sadly, many students in Uganda feel like Emmanuel. They desperately want to attend school, earn degrees and pursue a better life. But since tuition is far beyond what they can afford, they lose hope. Some young people even turn to gangs or early marriage.

You can help students like Emmanuel reach their dreams! Your gift will cover tuition top-up fees for 198 students in Uganda, empowering them to attend secondary school. Youth who receive opportunities for attending secondary school will also continue to receive spiritual development at their Compassion centre. This is an important aspect of Compassion’s holistic program, which seeks to nurture Christian leadership. Youth participate weekly in our holistic development curriculum, facilitated by caring Christian community members. They study the Bible, develop Christ-like character, learn leadership skills, serve their communities in love and participate in Christian worship and prayer. Thus, youth are discipled to become Christian leaders who will influence their communities for Christ.

*Emmanuel’s story is a composite, typical of a young person in Uganda.

School tuition top-up fees

Child development centres impacted: UG0252, UG0257, UG0300, UG0302, UG0303, UG0304, UG0305, UG0309, UG0402, UG0411 and UG0831


This initiative will provide 198 young men and women with the opportunity to attend secondary school without fear of being sent home because they can’t afford to pay their tuition top-up fees—allowing them to concentrate on their studies, graduate and prepare for their post-secondary education and future careers. Compassion staff will encourage students to develop their leadership potential by joining school clubs and participating in leadership roles. Investing in the youth of Uganda through education means students can progress academically, maximize their cognitive skills and break the cycle of poverty by becoming self-supporting adults with stable careers.

The problem

Many youth in Uganda are forced to miss school because they can’t pay their tuition fees. Insufficient income is the main reason for school drop-out since parents are already struggling to provide for their families, making only $2 per day in small-scale farming and casual labour. By missing important lessons, tests and advancements, youth are vulnerable to at-risk peer groups, teenage pregnancy and early marriage. Without being able to attain a higher level of education, their chances of becoming economically independent are severely limited.

What is provided through this gift

  • Tuition top-up fees for 198 high school students for the next three semesters to ensure uninterrupted attendance and academic progress
  • Leadership inspiration talks and career guidance sessions


Local contribution

$2,337.40 USD


Compassion staff will perform school visits, analyze class performance reports, receive feedback from teachers and school administration and observe student participation as they attend leadership talks and career guidance sessions.

Handling of funds

After receiving funds from Compassion Uganda, the centres will write cheques to pay the schools for each student’s tuition top-up fees.


Compassion Uganda is also offering income-generating interventions, so parents can gain the skills needed to provide additional income and keep their children in school longer. This support will provide economic relief and a long-term sustainable strategy for parents to fulfill their obligation of educating their children.

Help students in Uganda attend secondary school and improve their lives.

No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.