Music talent festival for children in poverty

Funding required: $55,300

This project will help: 100 youth from across Tanzania

Estimated completion date: June 30, 2019

Tanzania is a highly sought-after location for adventure seekers across the world. Those with a passion for adventure, hiking and thrill travel across the world to climb Africa’s highest mountain peak, Mount Kilimanjaro. But not everyone has the opportunity to develop and chase their passions.

The Kilimanjaro community is home to thousands of youth who will never be able to have opportunities to follow their passions because of the realities of poverty. In fact, unemployment is one of the biggest obstacles young people face in Tanzania today.

Many of the youth enrolled in Compassion centres around Kilimanjaro have expressed keen interest and talent in musical areas such as praise, worship, dance and choreography. Unfortunately, these young people have limited development opportunities to hone their talents, skills and passions. Without these opportunities, most young people here are not able to develop the gifts God has given them.

Fittingly, the gospel music industry in Tanzania is one of the rare industries that is currently employing youth, thanks to the increase of Christian mass media networks across the country. However, the cost of funding music development programs to launch youth into industries like this is beyond what most locals can provide.

Compassion’s church partners would like to facilitate a six-day music skills workshop and a two-day worship music talent festival for Compassion youth across Tanzania. These development activities will be led by a professional music coach, three music directors and Compassion centre staff. Staff will hold auditions and select young people with demonstrated skills and abilities to participate in the festival, and later, record their very own album. Youth will be able to develop their musical skills and talents so they can begin to fulfill their potential and lift themselves out of poverty.

Help enable youth to develop and pursue their artistic gifts and break the cycle of poverty.

Music talent festival for children in poverty

Help youth in Tanzania develop their musical abilities and prepare for their future.

Summary: This initiative will allow 100 youth from across Tanzania who have shown interest in the area of music to develop their musical gifts through a six-day musical skills workshop camp and two-day talent festival, hosted and facilitated by musical professionals. Youth with promising musical skills will have the opportunity to pursue their goals and succeed in Tanzania’s music industry.

  • Child development centres impacted: TZ0100, TZ0101, TZ0102, TZ0103, TZ0105, TZ0106, TZ0107, TZ0108, TZ0113, TZ0122, TZ0126, TZ0160, TZ0162, TZ0200, TZ0201, TZ0202, TZ0203, TZ0205, TZ0206, TZ0207, TZ0208, TZ0209, TZ0211, TZ0212, TZ0213, TZ0215, TZ0218, TZ0227, TZ0242, TZ0243, TZ0247, TZ0248, TZ0263, TZ0264, TZ0301, TZ0302, TZ0303, TZ0305, TZ0306, TZ0322, TZ0350, TZ0400, TZ0450, TZ0451, TZ0452, TZ0480, TZ0481, TZ0500, TZ0501, TZ0502, TZ0503, TZ0505, TZ0551, TZ0600, TZ0601, TZ0605, TZ0700, TZ0703, TZ0780, TZ0801, TZ0802, TZ0804, TZ0805, TZ0808, TZ0810, TZ0824, TZ0825, TZ0850, TZ0851, TZ0900 and TZ0950
  • The problem: Youth make up nearly 50 per cent of the beneficiaries in Compassion programs in Tanzania. In recent years, staff across Compassion centres in Tanzania have been mobilizing registered children and youth to engage in various avenues of service according to their gifts. Many youth have shown interest in music ministry, but there are limited resources and opportunities for them to develop their skills. In an environment where unemployment runs rampant among Tanzanian youth, youth are missing opportunities to pursue employment in their areas of interest. Without an intervention to help these young people cultivate their talents, they may be forced to give up on their dreams, and some may turn to the life of addiction and crime common in their communities, keeping them firmly in the cycle of poverty.
  • What is provided through this gift:  
    • 6-day music skills workshop and spiritual retreat camp for 100 selected youth
    • 1 professional music coach
    • 3 music directors
    • Recording singles for a full-length music album, and mobilization into a gospel music group for selected youth


  • Local contribution: US$3,825.77
  • Monitoring: A professional music coach and music director will direct the musical activities during the festival and facilitate the six-day workshop camp.
  • Handling of funds: The task manager and event committee will hire the music professionals who will facilitate and manage the skills workshop camp and music festival. Compassion Tanzania staff will ensure the proper handling of all funds.
  • Follow-up: Gifted youth will see their singles recorded onto an album, which they can sell to make money and introduce themselves onto the music scene. They will also be exposed to ministry opportunities where they can make money to support themselves and their families as they build their careers as talented gospel musicians, choreographers or dancers.

No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.