Cooking workshop

Funding required: $25,000

This project will help: 40 moms in Compassion’s Survival Program from four Compassion centres in Nicaragua

Child development centres impacted: NI0155, NI0156, NI0221 and NI0260

Estimated completion date: July 31, 2020


This initiative will help 40 Nicaraguan moms in Compassion’s Survival Program attend a cooking workshop that will help them earn an income and provide for their children. Moms from four centres will learn how to cook and sell traditional Nicaraguan meals, so they can become financially independent. They will also showcase their food at a cooking fair to attract new customers and attend seminars on entrepreneurship, budgeting, management, hygiene, self-esteem and the value of women in God’s eyes.

Give moms in Nicaragua the opportunity to learn a skill.

The problem

A political crisis in Nicaragua has caused the country’s economy to plummet. It’s estimated that 131,000 people have fallen into poverty during the crisis and 250,000 people have lost their jobs. Many Nicaraguan mothers in Compassion’s Survival Program are single and desperately need to learn skills, so they can provide for their children. But these moms can’t afford classes without your help. In addition, there are no workshops offered in these rural communities. Without assistance, these mothers fear that their children will continue in the same cycle of poverty they were born into.

What is provided through this gift:

  • Cooking workshop
    • Equipment including pots, pans, blenders, strainers, ladles, utensils, cups, etc.
    • Professional training by qualified instructors
    • Uniforms for mothers including hats, aprons and gloves
    • Power, water and cleaning materials
  • Capital seed money for business start-up at the food exhibition
  • Graduation ceremony and certificate
  • 4 seminars on entrepreneurship, budgeting, management, hygiene, self-esteem and the value of women in God’s eyes


  • Local contribution: US$1,831.50; the local centres will also assist with transportation. Centre NI0155 will provide the classroom for the cooking workshop.
  • Monitoring: The Centre directors will monitor the project’s effectiveness.
  • Handling of funds: The Centre directors will be responsible for purchasing the required equipment and hiring the instructors.
  • Follow-up: The Partnership Facilitator will conduct five follow-up visits to mothers to ensure that their new businesses are thriving. The workshop will also be conducted for future moms in the Survival Program.

No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.