Migration crisis relief

Funding required: $300,000

This project will help: 3,350 beneficiaries across 14 Compassion centres in Cúcuta, Colombia

Estimated completion date: February 2020

Each day, approximately 3,000 Venezuelan men, women and children are fleeing to Colombia to escape their nation’s harsh economic, political and social crisis. Even after accepting an unprecedented 1.1 million people, Colombia maintains its open-door policy—to the detriment of its own people. Buckling under the weight of the humanitarian crisis, international support is vital if Colombia is to continue offering refuge.

Most Venezuelans enter Colombia through the border city of Cúcuta, which is now experiencing devastating unemployment and deteriorating quality of life. Many Compassion-supported children already living in extreme poverty are suffering because of the overcrowding and deprivation of food, health and education.

Facing relentless rejection, refugees struggle to find jobs and access health services, forced to sleep on the streets or in invasion zone huts with no access to safe water or sanitation. Overcrowding often becomes a trigger for child abuse, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, child labour, recruitment to illegal groups and disease.

The children are arriving with complex situations of vulnerability and poverty—and in times of crisis, there is no one to protect or defend their basic human rights. They are suffering psychologically and emotionally from being uprooted, and require psychosocial attention.

To make a dent in such a humanitarian crisis is a daunting challenge, but local church partners and Compassion International have been serving their community and incoming refugees valiantly. Now their resources are maxed out. With your investment, they can continue their advocacy work for the children, starting with child abuse protection; health and household provisions; basic water, food and sanitation; education on proper hygiene and disease prevention; and opportunity for children to begin processing their trauma. You can be a conduit of life and hope, restoring the dignity these children deserve.

Protect vulnerable children from trauma, abuse, hunger and homelessness.


This massive initiative will meet the immediate needs of 1,953 Venezuelan children and 651 caregivers fleeing to Colombia, as well as 746 Compassion-supported Colombian children destabilized by the crisis. The first phase will focus on disaster relief, including clean water, hygienic toilets, grocery baskets, family hygiene kits, abuse prevention training, hygiene and sanitation training, bunk beds for children in overcrowded conditions, basic school supply kits, spiritual and emotional support and training for staff on humanitarian aid. The second phase will focus on disaster recovery, such as disease prevention and the creation of two child-friendly spaces to provide educational, psychosocial and spiritual support.

Child development centres impacted:

  • CO0660, CO0662, CO0663, CO0664, CO0667, CO0668, CO0673, CO0674, CO0675, CO0676, CO0677, CO0678, CO0679, CO0680

What is provided through this gift:

  • 350 bunk beds
  • 651 family hygiene kits for three months; hygiene kits for 14 Compassion centres
  • Bathrooms and water stations at five Frontline Church Partners
  • Basic sanitation for 60 family homes (including engineers, materials and transportation)
  • Training sessions and materials for parents on child protection and sanitation
  • Family food kits for three months; emergency food for 14 Compassion centres
  • Professional fees for disaster response implementer, psychologist, social worker and health worker
  • Educational materials for children (as a temporary school replacement)
  • Child care tutors and stimulation games
  • Playground


  • Local contribution: $13,925.77
  • Monitoring: The church will hire several professionals, including a disaster response implementer, to oversee the distribution of resources, in coordination with Compassion International Colombia.
  • Handling of funds: Compassion International Colombia will ensure that this intervention stays within budget. The churches will work with and avoid duplication of actions with other public entities and organizations responding to the crisis.
  • Follow-up: As part of the Disaster Response Master Plan, leaders and staff from the 14 partner churches will receive crisis intervention training and ensure monitoring and evaluation of the two phases of this intervention. The churches will also participate in strategic alliances with other entities that promote the protection of children during humanitarian crises.

No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.