Improved housing

Funding required: $8,700

This project will help: One Compassion beneficiary with chronic kidney disease

Estimated completion date: June 2020

Francis is an 11-year-old girl from Los Cedros, Nicaragua, who has faced more in her short life than any child should have to. Recently diagnosed with kidney disease, acute lung edema and arterial hypertension, Francis has been undergoing hemodialysis at the nearest hospital every other day. Because her condition is chronic, she faces this treatment indefinitely.

Sadly, Francis has been unable to attend her local Compassion centre due to her health. Centre staff have reached out to help however they can and even visit her at home so she can still receive her lessons. But there’s only so much they can do, and Francis is suffering.

Francis could start receiving dialysis at home, but one of the hospital’s requirements is that she have a safe and hygienic room. Currently, her living conditions do not meet these standards. She lives in a tiny dwelling with her father, grandmother and two sisters. Her room is cramped and dilapidated and is in the same space as the toilet and shower. Francis also shares the room with her sister, who has the same disease. Her father works seasonally collecting sugar cane but is currently unemployed. Providing a clean, safe space for Francis is just not within the family’s resources.

In her current living conditions, Francis is highly prone to infection and relapse. Since beginning treatment, she has already been hospitalized several times, as her living conditions seriously impede her recovery. Without a change in these circumstances, her health will continue to deteriorate.

You can give hope to Francis and her family by helping to construct a safe and hygienic room at home for her to receive her treatment. With your support, Francis can recover her health. She won’t have to miss school or her centre activities anymore and she can start dreaming of a much brighter future ahead.

Give a young girl improved living conditions so she can access better treatment.


This initiative will provide a safe, hygienic room at home for 11-year-old Francis, who struggles with chronic kidney disease. With the provision of this space, she can receive dialysis treatment at home, begin to recover her health and attend her Compassion centre one again.

Child development centres impacted:

  • NI0289

What is provided through this gift:

  • The construction of a new space for Francis, including:
    • Construction materials for bedroom and new bathroom
    • Electrical system
    • Ceiling repair
    • Mattress and bedding
    • Personal hygiene items
    • Transportation
    • Follow-up visits by Compassion staff
    • Cost of labour


  • Local contribution: US$425.27
  • Monitoring: Local Compassion staff will monitor the construction project and ensure Francis is getting the medical attention she needs.
  • Handling of funds: The church partner will hire the labour force for the project.
  • Follow-up: The church will continue to provide care and pastoral support for Francis and her family. Compassion’s Partnership Facilitator will provide follow-up visits.

No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.