Plantain flour factory

Funding required: $73,335

This project will help: 374 beneficiaries

Estimated completion date: September 2020

Since 2014, Compassion International has been partnering with the Sublime Gracia Church of the Nazarene in Echeandía, Ecuador, to set children free from poverty in Jesus’ name. At the centre, children receive medical checkups and training in preventive health. They enjoy healthy snacks and get help with their schoolwork. Through home visits and regular evangelism, many parents and children have come to know God’s love. Their lives are being transformed.

However, with its limited resources, the church has faced significant challenges in overcoming poverty. Many families in Echeandía are struggling to meet their most basic needs and can’t find their way out of poverty without help. While Echeandía is very rich in natural resources, it lacks infrastructure. About 70 per cent of parents eke out a living by planting and harvesting plantains, but a large quantity of the product does not meet the standards required for export. While the rejected produce could be converted into flour and sold, there are no local resources to establish a factory. As a result, enormous amounts of this valuable resource are going to waste.

Aware of this, our church partner identified the plantain waste as an opportunity. By starting a plantain flour factory, they can provide employment for parents both directly in the factory and indirectly by purchasing their rejected plantains at a fair price. The economic resources generated by selling the flour will go directly into the child development program so that children and their families can benefit even further.

You can change the story for children in Echeandía. By helping establish a plantain flour factory, you will help provide the church with the resources it needs to change an entire community and reach many more people with the gospel.

Help a church in Ecuador generate economic resources for a whole community!


This initiative will help the Sublime Gracia Nazarene church in Echeandía, Ecuador, establish a plantain flour factory directly employing 25 caregivers and generating resources to support child development and local economic growth.

Child development centres impacted:

  • EC0499

What is provided through this gift:

  • The construction of a factory to manufacture plantain flour, including:
    • 2 hydraulic manual hoists, 6 plastic stevedores and 1 electric power generator
    • Building materials including brick, cement, iron and sand
    • Roofing
    • Electrical wiring
    • 1 Power generator (in case of power outages)
    • Sanitary unit including 4 toilets, 2 urinals and 1 water pump
    • Platform for unloading raw materials and shipment of finished product
  • Professional technical training in agriculture for caregivers through at least 3 seminars


  • Local contribution: $5,000
  • Monitoring: Local Compassion staff will set up a budget for the intervention and ensure that all individuals involved receive the training they need for successful implementation.
  • Handling of funds: Compassion’s national office in Ecuador will monitor the ongoing costs of the intervention.
  • Follow-up: The church’s desire is to use the resources from the factory to improve their child development program and create an ongoing source of income for the community, reducing unemployment and providing training opportunities for children and youth in the future.

No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.