Dental care

Funding required: $16,140

This project will help: 1,092 children

Estimated completion date: October 2020

In Brazil, many children have never set foot inside a dentist’s office. Their parents, who live in poverty, simply can’t afford to take them. These children have never received vital oral screenings, dental cleanings or even treatment for painful cavities.

Good oral health is essential for children to thrive. When children have healthy mouths, they can smile, talk, chew and swallow. And when children receive regular dental screenings, heath issues like nutritional deficiencies, infections and immune disorders are detected early, which saves lives.

But right now, many children in the Maranhão State are suffering from critical dental problems. Some of these children live in chronic pain. An alarming 96 per cent of 5-year-olds in Brazil already have cavities. Many of these children have never received treatment. When cavities are left untreated, they can lead to dental abscesses, bronchitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis and even brain abscesses. Cavities also keep children from chewing properly, which can lead to malnutrition.

Poor oral hygiene also causes bad breath, which leaves children embarrassed. Many children have stopped smiling because they are ashamed of their teeth. These issues are causing disrupting children’s learning, causing them to drop out of school and their Compassion centres, where they receive life-changing care.

You can give 1,092 children in Brazil an incredible reason to smile! Your gift today will provide children with dental screenings, fluoride applications, tooth-brushing kits and treatment for children with dental issues. Children and caregivers will also receive training on healthy oral hygiene habits like brushing and eating properly to maintain good oral health. This training will be implemented through a special dental campaign that includes educational games, videos and much more. This is an amazing opportunity for you to give children in Brazil health, self-confidence and a better quality of life!

Help give children in Brazil bright smiles and a bright future!


You can help 1,092 children in Brazil receive professional dental screenings, fluoride applications, tooth-brushing kits and restorative treatment for children with dental issues. Children and caregivers will also be trained on healthy oral hygiene habits. Your gift will help children thrive physically, emotionally and socially—and help them smile again!

Child development centres impacted:

  • BR0482, BR0486 and BR0535

What is provided through this gift:

  • Dental screenings for 1,092 children
  • Fluoride applications
  • Restorative treatment for children with dental issues
  • Oral hygiene kits
  • Oral hygiene training for children and caregivers


  • Local contribution: US$754.13
  • Monitoring: The Partner Church Leadership Team and Centre staff will work together to monitor the project’s success.
  • Handling of funds: Compassion International Brazil will ensure this intervention stays within budget.
  • Follow-up: At the end of this project, an evaluation will be held to assess the reduction of oral diseases and to ensure that all children received outstanding dental care.

No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.