Safe living space for Roberto

Funding required: $12,700

This project will help: One Compassion-assisted beneficiary and his family.

Estimated completion date: January 2022

Country: Nicaragua

Executive summary

Compassion believes that all children deserve to grow up in a safe, healthy and loving home environment. However, for children living in poverty, precarious living conditions are often a fact of life. For medically vulnerable children living in these conditions, the outcomes can be tragic. In fact, in low-income countries more than a third of all deaths occur among children under the age of 14.

Roberto is an 11-year-old Compassion beneficiary in Nicaragua who is living with chronic kidney disease. Diagnosed at only five years old, he has been undergoing dialysis treatment in hospital ever since. However, the nearest hospital where Roberto can access treatment is a three- to four-hour drive from his home. Roberto’s parents are doing everything they can to support their son but caring for him and travelling so frequently for his treatment has made it difficult for them to get steady work and earn the income they need to improve their living conditions. Currently, the family does not even have access to safe drinking water or electricity at home. Sadly, this has caused Roberto to suffer dire complications in his illness. In May, Roberto suffered a brain hemorrhage and underwent emergency surgery. He also suffered a heart attack and was in a coma for an entire month. Currently, Roberto cannot walk and is bound to a wheelchair.

Roberto’s treatment is delicate and must be carried out in a clean, hygienic environment to avoid infections, which can prove life-threatening. He needs a safe space at home where he can continue his treatment without the strain and upheaval of constant travel. However, his family cannot afford to do this on their own. Without help, Roberto will continue to live in unsafe conditions that are likely to cause recurrent relapses and complications, putting his life at risk.

Your help will provide a new 16-square-metre room that meets the hospital’s requirements for performing dialysis at home. Roberto will also receive a bathroom, access to clean drinking water, electricity and proper lighting, a tiled floor for easy cleaning, a new mattress and pillow and other hygiene items. Compassion Nicaragua completed a similar intervention for another Compassion beneficiary, which had positive results.

Did you know?

Only 56 per cent of people in Nicaragua have access to safely managed drinking water services. Poor hygiene conditions pose a major threat to children’s health, education and, ultimately, their future. /p>



Diagnosed with chronic kidney disease at age five, Roberto has been undergoing dialysis treatments in a hospital hours away from his home. Roberto’s parents have struggled to find steady work; currently, they make natural fruit juices to sell from their home. They simply can’t afford to update their home to accommodate Roberto’s medical needs. Unfortunately, living in these conditions has caused Roberto to suffer serious health complications. In May, a brain hemorrhage and subsequent heart attack left him without the use of his legs, and he is currently in a wheelchair. Roberto needs safe, hygienic conditions at home to continue his dialysis treatment and protect him from future complications. Roberto is currently in grade five but due to this health problems he is not able to attend school or his Compassion centre. However, he has continued to learn a bit and benefit from the Compassion program as they have adapted the curriculum to teach him through guides and other resources. The hospital has let Roberto’s family know that hemodialysis can be performed at home, which would save the long journey and expenses for treatment, but they would need a room dedicated exclusively to dialysis with adequate lighting, a tiled floor, clean drinking water and electricity. Without these critical improvements, Roberto will be left vulnerable to serious infections that could eventually take his life.

The need

Compassion’s church partners in Nicaragua are dedicated to the holistic well-being of every child they serve. That’s why our local church partners in Roberto’s community wanted to help. They believe this isn’t the end for Roberto. He deserves a chance to survive, thrive, and eventually break free from poverty for good.

You can help provide significant upgrades to Roberto’s home, so that he has a safe and fully hygienic space to continue his dialysis treatment at home and recover from this latest crisis. Your gift will provide Roberto with a separate room in his home for treatment, including a full washroom, running water and electricity. Roberto will receive a new bed frame, mattress and pillows, so he can be as comfortable as possible while resting at home. His family will also be supplied with the essential items they need to maintain good hygiene and prevent infections. Once his condition has stabilized, Roberto will be able to have a much more normal life that could include attending school and centre activities in person. Your gift will also help ease the financial burden on Roberto’s parents. Without the strain and expense of constant travel, they will be able to get stable jobs and earn more income. You can help this precious family get through an incredibly difficult time and build a much better life for the future.

What your gift will do

Your support will provide a new 16-square-metre room and bathroom suitable to performing vital dialysis treatment at home:

  • Construction materials:
    • Walls: block, iron, cement, stone
    • Roof structure: zinc, nails, welding, perlines
  • Electrical system: cables, electrical switches, electrical outlets
  • Bathroom installation: toilet and sink accessories, ceramic tile
  • Hydrosanitary network
  • Labour
  • Construction supervision
  • Household items: bed, pillow, mattress, fan, personal hygiene items
  • Follow-up visits
  • Food and transportation


  • Local contribution: US$746.05
  • Handling of funds: Compassion Nicaragua will ensure that this intervention remains within budget.
  • Follow-up: Compassion’s local partnership facilitator will follow up on the progress of this project and will report to the National Office in Nicaragua.

No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.