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Children in rural areas often travel long distances to collect water, which is frequently contaminated. You can help provide a well that will benefit hundreds of Compassion-assisted children and their families by giving them access to safe water.

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Every day, Janet used to wake before the sun rose to walk one hour to a muddy river. She would fill her yellow jug with murky water in the same spot where cattle and goats come to drink. then hurry home to make it to school in time. She would repeat the same walk at dusk–and would often be too tired to finished her homework.

The water made he family sick; at least twice a year, someone in her family would get typhoid or intestinal parasites. But this Christmas, her local church got a water tank, and now she no longer has to spend hours a day gathering water that isn’t safe to drink.

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No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.