Strategic Compassion

Strategic Compassion

“When was the last time you heard a message on poverty that challenged your perspective rather than your pocketbook?”

A product photo of the book strategic compassion. It shows the cover, the title, and the cover's lead line: reuniting the good news with good works in the fight against poverty.

Strategic Compassion

By Barry Slauenwhite

Jesus proclaimed good news for the poor. Have we distorted His message?

As Christ’s Church, we are called to help those in need—but we’ve let ourselves become divided on how. The complexity of poverty itself can be paralyzing for everyone—especially those called to lead others in following Jesus.

In his book Strategic Compassion, Compassion Canada’s President Emeritus Barry Slauenwhite invites pastors and ministry leaders to learn about the gospel-centric strategy to winning the fight against poverty—requiring more than our relief efforts or our evangelism individually. It will require us to be strategic in our compassion, focusing on the full depth and breadth of Jesus’ good news for the poor.

God has always had a plan to restore the brokenness, and He is inviting us to be part of it.

Big questions

Strategic Compassion addresses some of the biggest questions leaders encounter in missions and the quest to fight poverty:

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Should our mission strategies aim to alleviate people’s physical needs?
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Or do we focus primarily on people’s spiritual and eternal needs?
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How closely are we following Jesus in proclaiming good news for the poor?
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Are our poverty-alleviation strategies effective?

About the author

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Barry Slauenwhite joined Compassion’s ministry in 1983 and was appointed the third president of Compassion Canadian in 1993. During Barry’s 35 years of leadership with Compassion Canada—25 as President and CEO—Compassion experienced more than a tenfold growth. As a spokesperson for the poor and an advocate for children, Barry travels the globe motivating Christians to reach out and help children at risk. Barry is husband to Sharon and father of two beautiful daughters, Krista and Heather.


Portrait of Carry Neuhoff. He wears thick rimmed glasses and a jean coloured, button up shirt.

“The work Barry leads at Compassion Canada is exceptional and will leave an eternal print on our world. In Strategic Compassion, Barry brings fresh clarity to the challenge of poverty and tangible solutions that address far beyond physical need.”

Carey Nieuwhof, Founding Pastor, Connexus Church

Portrait of Carry Neuhoff. He wears thick rimmed glasses and a jean coloured, button up shirt.

“When someone with a lifetime of wisdom and experience on a topic speaks, we do well to listen. I know few, if any, voices in Canada more qualified—in both experiential and spiritual senses—to help Christians address the challenge of poverty.”

David Guretzki, PhD, Executive Vice President & Resident Theologian, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Portrait of Carry Neuhoff. He wears thick rimmed glasses and a jean coloured, button up shirt.

“A ground-breaking book, in the sense that Barry mines decades of real-world experience and thoughtful theological engagement in order to plow up some of our most deeply held assumptions about poverty.”

Carolyn Arends, recording artist, author, and Renovaré Director of Education

Portrait of Carry Neuhoff. He wears thick rimmed glasses and a jean coloured, button up shirt.

“Many books are educational. Some books are important. Strategic Compassion is both! The liberation of the world from poverty depends upon Christians who can not only give money and lobby for systemic change, but who can also overcome the spiritual problem that is the real cause of poverty with the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

Rev. John Pellowe, CEO Canadian Centre for Christian Charities

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