Destination: Thailand
Date: Oct 16, 2020
Price: $3500

Due to the current global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, this trip is currently on hold. We will be reevaluating upcoming trips on an ongoing basis. Please feel free to check back every two weeks for updates.

Participating in an Exposure Trip is an exciting opportunity for you to have a safe and rich cultural experience while visiting your sponsored child and experiencing Compassion’s work firsthand.

On this trip to Thailand, we will visit several Compassion centres similar to the one your child attends. We will worship together with one of our local church partners, spend quality time with children and participate in a cultural or tourist activity. We’ll be welcomed into the homes of locals—in the heart of the community—where we will learn what poverty looks like in lower-income communities across the globe. You will see firsthand how your partnership with Compassion not only benefits your sponsored child, but their entire community. Best of all, you will have the opportunity to spend a day together with your sponsored child making unforgettable memories!

Join us and see firsthand how your sponsorship is impacting your child’s life. We promise that you’ll never look at the world the same way again!

Trip itinerary


For this trip, the group will travel from two departure cities – Vancouver and Toronto – and will meet up enroute. Upon arrival in Chiang Mai, we will be met at the airport by staff from the Compassion Thailand National Office, who will escort us to our hotel and help us check in.

Office visit

Availability permitting, we will have an opportunity to visit the country’s National Office in Chiang Mai. We will participate in a tour of the facilities, an orientation of Compassion’s ministry and an overview of the country itself. Often times we may even meet staff who were formerly sponsored children!

Survival Program

The Survival Program provides mothers of babies from birth through age one with the resources and training they need to ensure that their little ones survive and thrive during the first days and months of life. We will have an opportunity to meet some moms and their babies and learn how the program has impacted their lives.

Youth Development

Compassion’s Youth Development activities focus on working with sponsored teens, giving them the life and vocational skills that they need to help them graduate from Compassion as responsible and self-sufficient young adults. We’ll learn about how these activities are making a difference in the community!

Child Sponsorship Program

We will have an opportunity to visit a number of Compassion centres, where centre staff will share more details about the Child Sponsorship Program. We’ll learn about how the Compassion curriculum—adapted to the country’s context—develops children in all facets of life: physically, educationally, relationally and spiritually. We will also have the opportunity to visit some of the children’s homes for a firsthand understanding of the obstacles they face due to poverty. We’ll hear from caregivers about the difference Compassion makes in their family’s lives. During these days, we will also have a chance to share God’s love to the children by interacting and playing with them!

Complementary Interventions Program (CIV)

Because the needs of the children and families we serve sometimes fall outside the coverage of regular sponsorship benefits, the CIV program exists to fill the gap. We will have an opportunity to visit a clean water project, a new vocational training center for teens, or an income-generation program for caregivers!

Sponsor/child visit day

This day will no doubt be the highlight of your trip! You will meet your child at a local recreation area and spend the day together playing, getting to know each other, taking photos and exchanging gifts. Although your time will fly by, the experiences you have that day will forever change both of you!

Sightseeing and shopping

Our country hosts are proud of the country they call home. This part of the trip is an opportunity for us to experience some time of sightseeing and shopping. We will learn about the country from a different perspective and enjoy visiting local artisan shops to purchase unique handcrafted souvenirs and gifts for family and friends back home.

Returning home

It will seem like we have just arrived in the country when we have to return to the airport for our flight back home. We will arrive at the Chiang Mai airport in plenty of time to catch our flight home, where family and friends will be eager to hear our stories of how God is working through Compassion–one child at a time!

Additional information

The cost of the trip is $3,350/person from Vancouver or $3,500/person from Toronto, plus insurance. The trip cost includes round-trip airfare from Vancouver or Toronto, lodging (double occupancy), all in-country meals and travel, guides and translators, activity fees, and administrative costs.

Additional fees

Domestic travel to and from your chosen departure city*, travel insurance (must be purchased through Compassion), passport, tips, traveller incidentals (snacks, additional beverages, phone calls and other personal items) will be the traveller’s responsibility. You may also want to bring some spending money for shopping at a souvenir market.

* If you need to arrange your own domestic flights to and from Vancouver or Toronto, please contact us at for more information.

Child visit costs

A visit with one Compassion child is included in the cost of the trip. For visits with any additional children, $510/child will be added to your total when registering. Due to the geographical size of Thailand, there may be an additional transportation cost in order for your Compassion child to attend Child Visit Day in Chiang Mai. Please contact the trip planner to find out if this applies to you.

Travel insurance

Travel Insurance provided through Compassion is mandatory for all Compassion travellers and must be purchased in addition to the cost of the trip, regardless of existing coverage.

Insurance rates – Vancouver:

  • $162 for ages 0-55
  • $201 for ages 56-59
  • $229 for ages 60-64
  • $247 for ages 65-69
  • Travellers 70 years of age or older, please contact us for information

Insurance rates – Toronto:

  • $175 for ages 0-55
  • $218 for ages 56-59
  • $248 for ages 60-64
  • $267 for ages 65-69
  • Travellers 70 years of age or older, please contact us for information

Air transportation information

Air transportation included in the trip is based on economy-class transportation and is subject to all rules and regulations governing these fares. Fuel surcharges are added on a per ticket basis at time of purchase. In the event that these surcharges are higher than budget estimates, we may require additional funds to cover them. We will communicate any pricing changes immediately.

Other documentation

Criminal record check

Compassion Canada requires all passengers on our exposure trips to undergo a Criminal Record Check to ensure the safety of the trip participants, Compassion staff and the children we will be visiting. We have a simple and secure method for facilitating the Criminal Record Check using myBackCheck.

The cost of the Criminal Record Check is included in the cost of the exposure trip. Once registered, you will receive a link to complete your check.

Travel release

All those travelling with Compassion are required to read and sign a Travel Release form. This form explains our responsibilities to you as the hosts of your trip, as well as your responsibilities to participate in the trip activities.

Once registered, you will receive a copy of this document to sign and return to us.

Code of Conduct

All those travelling with Compassion are required to participate in a Child Protection overview and then to sign our Code of Conduct. This policy exists to protect both you and the children in our care from any potential exploitation or harm.

Once registered, you will receive more information about completing this requirement.

Thailand entry requirements

Canadian citizens do not need to apply for a tourist visa to enter Thailand, for stays up to 30 days.

Please note if you are not a Canadian citizen, we recommend that you visit your country of citizenship embassy website for travel requirements to Thailand.

Trip Planner

Andrea Bartholomew

Your trip planner is Andrea, who is experienced with planning international travel and is happy to answer your pre-trip and registration questions! Our trip leaders spend the majority of their time working in other capacities in Compassion Canada, so Andrea will be your main contact during the time before your trip, and will make sure you have the information you need to be fully prepared for your journey.