Eyes to See

Eyes to See Trailer

Journey deeper to view the world as God sees it, get to the root of poverty and become part of the solution.

Week 1

Ten Thousand Foot View

Have you ever looked down on the area where you live from an airplane? You can see the lay of the land, where the rivers go, what is actually big and what is small. The shapes of things become clear. It's called taking the 10,000-foot view – getting the big picture.


Seeing Ourselves

This week, we'll come down from looking at the big picture and put the focus on our own lives because, to be honest, that's often where our blind spots lurk. Thinking about poverty through the lens of broken relationships and recognizing our own poverty changes everything.


Seeing God

There is so much need around the world and in our own country, and so many competing ideas of how to respond. But God hasn't left us adrift without a guide. This week, we'll explore how the bible reveals God's heart for the poor, and His plan to restore hearts and lives through the actions of His people.


Seeing Others

It's easy to find ourselves using "us" and "them" language when we thing about people living in poverty, but we are all the same as human beings created in God's image. This week, we will be challenged to examine how we see other – and how we act toward them as a result.


Seeing the World

We've looked at most of the relationships broken by the Fall–our relationships with God, with ourselves and with others. This week, we will look at the ways our relationship with the world around us is affected by the Fall and by Jesus' redeeming work.


Seeing the World

We've spent the last five weeks learning more about poverty and gaining a biblical understanding of how to respond. This week, we'll explore what all of this means for our lives. We'll ask God to use us to reflect the love and light that Jesus offers this world.