Eyes to See

How to use this small group guide

Welcome to the Eyes to See small group guide! We are so excited that you have chosen to go on this journey as a small group to see poverty through God’s eyes and take steps in your everyday lives to reflect God’s love to a world in need.

Each week is organized into the following seven sections, all meant to be easily adaptable to your group’s con-text and needs. Choose and change what you need to best suit your group.

Setting the Scene

This gives your group some basic background information about the week’s topic, so you all start the discussion on the same page. It is especially important for members of your group not following along with the daily Eyes to See readings. You might read this as a group to start your time together or send it to your members to read before they come.


These scripture references are meant to be read together as a group, to set the tone of the discussion. There will be lots of opportunity to discuss these passages in the discussion questions.


Access the 15-20 minute Eyes to See films at www.eyestosee.ca. These films will drive a significant part of your discussion.


These questions are designed to get the group talking about what stands out to them from the films and readings, and to share and discuss their thoughts, agreements, disagreements and discoveries. This is the time to dive deep into scripture and examine what the Bible tells us about poverty and how the Church can respond.


These questions are designed to take the discussion into everyday life. How can this week’s discus-sion be applied and lived out? How does it change or shape how we lead our lives?


A prayer list is provided to guide your group in a time of prayer as you close.

At-Home Challenge

These activities and applications are for the group to try throughout the week. They are specifically designed to give those not following along with the daily Eyes to See readings a way to learn more and apply these discussions in everyday life.

We are praying that this experience is a fruitful time of learning, growth, challenge and application for your small group!

The Eyes to See daily readings are a great way for members of your group to engage deeper with the content. For those who choose to do the daily readings, we recommend reading them before coming to small group to enrich the discussion. The readings are available for free online and physical copies are available for purchase.

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