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How will Step into My Shoes help my church?

Step into My Shoes was developed to invest in children and families here in Canada—to help them in their faith, to deepen their relationship with Jesus and foster a heart of love and compassion to our neighbours here in Canada and around the world. The experience allows children and families to see life through the eyes of a family in Uganda and invites us to follow in Jesus’ footsteps—caring for children and for those in need.

Step into My Shoes is our free gift to the local church in Canada, and we pray it is a great blessing to congregations everywhere as they begin to see the world in a whole new way—no passport required!

In addition to the 7-step journey for families and small groups, we have developed two options specifically for larger groups.

  • The Step Into My Shoes Group Experience for families or children condenses the journey into a group option that can be completed in approximately 90 minutes.
  • The Step Into My Shoes Step 01 Group Launch was created for leaders who want to launch Step Into My Shoes with children/families in a group setting and then have families complete the rest of the steps at home.

To download a free copy of the Step Into My Shoes Group Experience or the Step Into My Shoes Step 01 Group Launch, simply complete the Start Your Journey registration form below.

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