These gifts will let kids explore what they might want to be when they grow up.
Spiritual conference

Our church partners in the state of Ceará, Brazil, have found that more than two-thirds of their adolescents have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. This gift will allow a 15-year-old in Fortaleza, Brazil, to attend spiritual conferences and hear the gospel of Christ.

$84 civ491-8096
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Entrepreneurial skills

In Urabá, Colombia, the rate of teenage girls having children is going up year-by-year and the number of youth involved in crime is high. This gift will teach youth in Colombia how to create a business plan, start a business and manage finances, while learning income- generating skills including baking, shoemaking and fabric stamping.

$36 civ495-8100
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Computer training

Children in Yaruquí, Ecuador, in the Andes Mountains don’t have access to a local school, let alone vocational training. This gift will help build a computer lab so students can take vocational training in computers and use the lab for their studies.

$20 civ497-8104
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Literacy course

Our church partner in Dois Carneiros, Brazil, has found that 30 of the children they serve can’t read or write due to the poor quality of education in their community. This gift will allow a student who is struggling to take a literacy course.

$25 civ489-8094
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These music and sports gifts are not only fun, they'll help kids build confidence, responsibility and perseverance—things they need to escape their circumstances.
Baseball field

The children living in an old sugarcane plantation in Dominican Republic have few opportunities for play and growth. This gift will help build a baseball field with dugouts at a church partner in Batey Consuelo, Dominican Republic, so children can learn teamwork, dedication and social skills.

$585 civ496-8103
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Soccer program

Soccer helps kids in El Salvador stay healthy while also giving them an alternative to the gangs that rule the streets. This gift will allow a teen to attend a two-year soccer program in Santa Ana, El Salvador, learning confidence and teamwork while also drawing closer to Christ.

$49 civ499-8106
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Baseball equipment

The children living in an old sugarcane plantation in Dominican Republic have few opportunities for play and growth. This gift will provide baseball equipment for a child in Batey Consuelo, Dominican Republic.

$51 civ496-8101
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Taekwondo program

Honduras has the highest homicide rate in Latin America, and many poor youth are lured into joining gangs. This gift will allow a youth to participate in an 18-month taekwondo program, teaching them discipline, integrity and purpose.

$16 civ500-8107
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Music program

Children in Villavicencio, Colombia, are surrounded by drugs, gangs, promiscuity and alcoholism. This gift will offer music classes on percussion, strings, piano and voice to adolescents in Colombia, giving them an alternative to the streets.

$36 civ493-8098
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These gifts will help parents get skills to provide for their families.
Soap making for moms

In one Child Survival Program in Burkina Faso, nearly half of the mothers make less than 85 cents a day. This gift will train moms of young children in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, to make and sell soap so they can provide for their children.

$37 civ488-8093
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Small business training

Most of the families Compassion serves in East India are from the lowest castes and work on others’ land—often not making enough to provide more than one meal a day to their children. This gift will train parents on financial skills and how to start a small business, such as a small market stall.

$29 civ498-8105
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Maize milling for moms

Families subsisting on agriculture in the arid region of Dodoma, Tanzania, face serious food shortages and many children are malnourished. This gift will help mothers of young children in Tanzania begin a maize milling business to have an alternate source of income for their families.

$30 civ508-8120
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Tailoring for moms

Most of the moms in the Child Survival Program in León, Nicaragua, subsist by selling food in the streets or working as maids. This gift will allow these moms to be trained in a yearlong sewing course to earn a better income while working from home with their small children.

$75 civ471-8112
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These gifts will help kids grow up to be healthy, strong adults!
Healthy families

One church partner in Mexico has found that children are doing poorly socially and in school due to problems at home, such as dysfunctional relationships, divorce and neglect. This gift will train parents in Oaxaca, Mexico, on how to have healthy marital and parental relationships, while giving them the opportunity to hear the gospel.

$35 civ503-8111
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Safe homes

Many of the families Compassion serves in Mumoni, Kenya, are living in homes that are in deplorable condition, with thatched roofs that cause infections in children. This gift will help build a two-room home with a tin roof and solar power for a family in Kenya.

$6,000 civ502-8109
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Water and sanitation

One of the most effective ways to keep children healthy and strong is to give them access to safe water and latrines. This gift will provide safe water to children in Ethiopia and Uganda, latrines to children in Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania, and community education on the importance of sanitation.

$23 afwash-8121
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Preventing domestic violence

Psychologists found that ninety per cent of children in Compassion centres in Cali, Colombia, have experienced abuse at home. This gift will provide workshops for parents on conflict resolution, family restoration and how to prevent child abuse.

$35 civ494-8099
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Solar lighting

Indoor air pollution from kerosene lighting is responsible for fires, respiratory illnesses and many deaths each year. This gift will provide a solar lighting kit, including two lamps and a phone charger, to a family in Kenya so they can save money on fuel and stay healthy while studying at night.

$68 civ501-8108
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Dental care

Without access to proper care, tooth decay and tooth pain is one of the main reasons children miss school in northern Peru. This gift will provide dental care to a child in Jaén, Peru.

$43 civ504-8113
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Mosquito nets

The Ministry of Health in Peru has declared a health emergency in the northern state of Piura due to the prevalence of vector-borne diseases like dengue. This gift will give a child in Piura, Peru, a mosquito net to sleep safe at night.

$10 civ505-8114
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These gifts will give kids what they need to thrive at a Compassion centre.

Many of our church partners in Rwanda don’t have the resources to build proper latrines to prevent diseases. This gift will help build sanitary latrines so children can stay healthy while learning and growing at the Compassion centre.

$53 afwash-8115
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Compassion has a new church partner in Kahama, Tanzania, serving highly vulnerable children. This gift will help build a kitchen so children here can receive meals and have focus and energy for classes and activities.

$3,000 civ507-8118
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The children Compassion supports in Rwanda rarely have access to any books. Imagine childhood without books! This gift will supply children in Gasbao, Rwanda, with books at a library including picture books, fiction, biographies, puzzle books, Bible storybooks and dictionaries.

$25 civ506-8117
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Baby stimulation room

Many babies and toddlers in the poorest communities receive little stimulation, which hurts their cognitive and physical development. This gift will help build and equip a multi-sensory stimulation room at a Child Survival Program in Maranhão, the poorest state in Brazil, so babies can touch, play and grow.

$197 civ492-8097
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Many children growing up in the slums of Recife, Brazil, don’t have a place to play other than the often dangerous and violent streets. This gift will help build a playground for children at one of Compassion’s church partners in Recife, Brazil.

$116 civ490-8095
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Urgent needs

Give to our Urgent Needs fund, and we will make sure your donation goes to the needs our church partners have identified as the most pressing in their communities.

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How do these gifts work?

Our church partners around the world have identified some of the greatest needs they see around them. These gifts will provide for a specific request of a church partner. They will allow children to have the security, education and opportunities they need to grow up and become all God created them to be.

How do we use the money raised?

Funds raised through Compassion's gift guide will be used to meet all the needs shown in print and online at If we exceed our funding goal of $1.1 million, the remaining funds will be used where most needed.

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