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COVID-19 response

The COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to push between 44 and 77 million children into extreme poverty. With this gift, you’re providing children and their families with everything they need to change this story.

  • Emergency Food Packs $100
  • Hygiene Kits (4) $25
  • Rent Assistance $50
  • Home reconstruction share $100
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With this gift, you will equip a community with access to medical care from a certified doctor through phone or video assessments. Families experiencing early signs of COVID-19 will have the ability to receive an immediate early assessment. This gift also includes virtual healthcare training and medical protection kits.
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Staying home to stop the spread of COVID-19 is difficult when your home isn’t safe or has been destroyed by environmental disaster. Your gift will help reconstruct and furnish a three-bedroom home for a family who has lost theirs in the midst of a global pandemic.
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Because of the impact of COVID-19, many of the world’s most vulnerable families have tragically lost their jobs and their ability to provide basic needs for their children—including shelter. Help provide rent assistance to families who otherwise cannot stay in their homes.
COVID-19 has caused millions of parents and caregivers to lose their jobs and their ability to feed their families. Help caregivers keep their families fed and thriving with emergency food packs provided every day for two months, including essentials like rice, oils, oats, milk, corn and meat.
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Water is one of our most basic needs, and a lack of access to safe water can be deadly. With this gift, you will ensure that children around the world have clean water to drink, the ability to practise good hygiene, and protection from deadly diseases.

  • Washrooms (share)$200
  • Water Wells (share) $100
  • Water Filters $80
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Access to a clean washroom is key to preventing the spread of deadly infectious diseases like cholera. Your gift will help to fund the construction of safe washrooms, giving dignity and protection from disease to hundreds of children.
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Waterborne diseases take the life of a child every 15 seconds. Your gift will provide a water filter to a family in need, giving children access to clean water at home and protecting them from deadly waterborne diseases.
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Income generation

The COVID-19 crisis has increased food insecurity and economic instability for families living in poverty. This gift provides families living in poverty with a regular source of protein and a sustainable source of income through livestock.

  • Pigs $200
  • Chickens (2) $40
  • Goats (2) $100
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The COVID-19 crisis served devastating blows to small businesses, destroying families’ sources of income. Your gift will provide re-stock capital to help a small business recover. It will also help fund literacy and small business management training for caregivers, to ensure their businesses are set up for success well into the future.
Pigs are a practical gift and don’t require significant upkeep or a large plot of land. Pigs reproduce quickly and can be sold for a profit. Families who receive this gift will also receive training on pig rearing.
Fruit farming provides many income-generating options beyond selling fruit. Farmers can also produce other products like juice and jam to increase profits! Your gift will provide youth with the plants and equipment needed to start a pineapple farm, as well as small business and financial literacy training.
Horticulture is a promising income-generating opportunity for the caregivers of Compassion-assisted children. Your gift will provide seeds, soil, fertilizer, equipment and training to help caregivers establish a business growing and selling Artemisia plants, which are used to treat illnesses like malaria and are in high demand in low-income communities.
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Health & wellness

For a child living in extreme poverty, a diet completely lacking in protein, fruits and vegetables is all too common. You can help fight malnutrition in the life a child by providing supplemental, protein-rich food, vitamins and medical care to help them grow healthy and strong.

With this bundle, you will be providing children with everything they need to become and remain physically healthy and thriving for a lifetime.

  • Food for a malnourished child $60
  • Lifesaving kidney surgery (share) $100
  • Dental Kits $40
  • Mosquito Nets $20
Because of the limited finances of families in poverty, oral health often takes a back seat, leaving kids vulnerable to cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis and chewing problems. Left alone, these issues will become more severe. Your gift will provide children with immediate dental treatment, toothbrushes and oral health workshops to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.
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It is with great sadness that we share that John from Kenya recently passed away due to related complications before the preliminary tests for the kidney transplant began. We are grateful to our supporters who generously provided the funds needed for John’s future procedure, ensuring he had access to timely treatment as he bravely faced his kidney condition. Your generosity ensured John received access to quality treatment and weekly dialysis as he awaited a transplant. Please pray for John’s family and community as they grieve his loss. Read the full update here.

You can still give to this gift in John’s memory. Any excess funding received will be used toward the treatment of other medical conditions for children in need.

Lifesaving kidney transplant*

*The following is the original gift description

Ten-year-old John from Kenya suffers from a rare renal disease that causes a loss of kidney function. Today, John’s kidneys have lost 90 per cent of their functionality. With your gift, you can ensure John gets the kidney transplant and pre- and post-surgery care he needs to save his life, so he can go back to being a kid.

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Education and training

Education is one of the most powerful ways to fight poverty. With this bundle, you will equip children to learn and empower a student with a vocational skill such as carpentry, baking, tailoring or mechanics, enabling them to pursue bright futures full of promise and purpose.

  • Textbooks $40
  • Computers (share) $100
  • Vocational training for one student $200
Gaining a vocational skill like carpentry is an effective way that youth can achieve economic self-sufficiency. Your gift will cover the fees required for a Compassion-assisted youth to complete a carpentry training program.
Learning to cook isn’t just an important life skill. It’s also a vocational skill that can be used to lift youth out of poverty. Your gift will enable a Compassion-assisted youth to complete a culinary training program, covering fees and providing learning materials.
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For a student living in poverty, tuition fees can be the difference between being stuck in or breaking free from the cycle of poverty. Your gift will allow students to attend university and achieve their dreams for the future by covering their tuition.
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Technology is a powerful tool in the fight against poverty. Your gift will provide children with access to computers at their Compassion centre. With the prevalence of remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, having access to a computer becomes even more important to children’s education.
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Moms and babies icon

Moms & babies

With this gift, you will provide a new mom living in extreme poverty with everything she needs to help her newborn baby survive and thrive through their first year of life, reminding her that she is not alone.

  • Newborn Care Package $40
  • Baby Medical Care $60
  • Food for Mom and Baby $90
Malnutrition is a life-threatening reality for moms and babies who live in extreme poverty. With this gift, you will provide six-months’ worth of supplemental food and nutrition to ensure both mom and baby not only survive, but thrive through the first critical year of life.
The first year of a child’s life is critical. COVID-19 has only made it harder for new moms to receive proper medical care for their newborns. With this gift, you can help ensure that a new mom living in poverty has access to basic medical services for her baby in those crucial first 12 months.
Hand-delivered by Compassion centre staff, this gift is filled with the basic supplies a new mother needs to properly care for her baby, including blankets, soap, lotion, towels and diapers. Help a new mom know that she is supported, loved and not alone.

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