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Love your neighbour with a gift that is tangible and life-changing. Give a practical gift that allows children to touch, feel, taste and experience real hope.

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For each gift you purchase, we’ll mail you a card to give to a loved one, sharing how this gift—given in their honour—is showing tangible love to children living in poverty.

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Providing a family with their own small-scale farm with a Fill the Yard Bundle equips them to make a sustainable income to provide their family with their basic needs and beyond.

  • Goat $100
  • Pig $200
  • Chicken $40
  • Sheep $150
By giving a goat, families can have direct access to milk—to both consume and sell to earn money for other livelihood essentials.
Pigs are a practical gift that don’t require significant upkeep or a large plot of land. Pigs reproduce quickly and can be sold for a profit.
With the gift of a chicken, you are helping a family in poverty combat malnutrition with eggs, a regular source of protein, as well as skills training and materials to grow basic grains and vegetables for ongoing food production.
When a family receives the gift of sheep, they are able to have a sustainable source of income for their household through livestock farming.
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With this gift bundle, you are giving children the protection they need to stay healthy and thrive as they were meant to.

  • Surgery for Saviour $100
  • Dental Kits $40
  • Mosquito Nets $20
  • Food for Malnourished Children $60
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Malnutrition at an early age stunts a child’s growth for life. Sadly, a diet lacking in protein, fruits and vegetables is common for children living in poverty. With this gift, you can help malnourished children grow healthy and strong through supplemental food, vitamins and medical care.
With this gift, you are providing medical care and counselling for those suffering from HIV and AIDS. Your gift will provide children living with HIV and their caregivers access to HIV testing, antiretroviral therapy and ongoing care.
Mosquito-transferred diseases like malaria, the Zika virus and dengue fever are a very real threat to the well-being of children in poverty. But these diseases are preventable. With your gift, vulnerable children and families will receive an insecticide-treated bed net and training on how to prevent these life-threatening diseases.
Tooth decay is a very painful and real condition that can leave children living in poverty very sick—unable to eat or attend school. With a dental kit, children will receive toothbrushes, toothpaste, regular dental checkups and treatment for cavities and gum disease.
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Education and training

With an Education & Training Bundle, you give children the tools and resources they need to grow academically, socially and spiritually as they pursue their skills through education.

  • Sewing workshops $185
  • Computers $100
  • Textbooks $40
Learning to cook and bake not only gives teens a skill they can use at home, but gives them a profitable skill that can be used to one day provide for their own families.
With this gift, Compassion teens will receive sewing machines and other supplies so they can learn to tailor clothes for income. Sewing workshops also provide young women with a powerful tool to overcome inequality and discrimination.
With this gift, you are enabling fifteen Compassion-registered youth—who don’t have the means to pursue higher education after secondary school—to acquire a university-level education that allows them to pursue a career in teaching.
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With this gift, children can access a computer at their Compassion centre that is equipped with the necessary hardware and software needed to do their homework and gain valuable life skills.
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Did you know that public schools in low-income countries rarely have libraries? Your gift will give children living in poverty access to learning supplies, including textbooks and study materials, at their Compassion centre.
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Enterprise & entrepreneurship

With the gift of drought-resistant vegetable seeds, you are providing families at risk of famine with a sustainable source of income and agricultural training, all while combating food insecurity.
With this gift, you are empowering parents of Compassion-assisted children to receive classroom training in jobs they can carry out in their communities—like bookkeeping, farming, sewing and other small businesses.
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Children at risk

Did you know that children in poverty are among the most marginalized and abused members of society? With this gift bundle, you are enabling children to find a hopeful path forward out of poverty.

  • Survival kits $100
  • Home reconstruction $100
  • Where most needed $50
Your gift supports Venezuelan families who have become migrants due to social and economic upheaval. You are providing families housed by 14 Compassion church partners in Colombia with basic necessities for relief and recovery.
Children living in fragile and unsafe homes can lose everything in an instant to a flood, an earthquake or other unexpected natural disasters. But with your gift, families who have lost their homes will receive sustainable housing that is safe, secure and truly home.
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Art & play

With this gift of an Art & Play Bundle, Compassion-assisted children will be fully equipped with the tools and resources they need to just be kids and to grow academically, socially, creatively and spiritually.

  • Music lessons $100
  • Art classes $50
  • Safe playgrounds $35
Music has a way of connecting and speaking to people of all ages, offering boundless hope. When you give children living in poverty the gift of music classes, you’re assisting in their cognitive, emotional and spiritual development as they learn a skill they’ll enjoy for life.
All children should have the right to a safe space to play. With the gift of safe playgrounds, children living in areas riddled with gang violence will be able to play without fear on safe playground equipment at their local Compassion centre.
Being caught in the darkness of poverty can make it hard to see beauty in the world. But when you give a child the chance to enroll in art classes, you are helping them develop an artistic expression that leads to greater self-reliance and discovery.
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With the gift of a Water Bundle, you’ll ensure children and their families have access to safe water, the tools for good hygiene, and protection from waterborne diseases.

  • Washrooms & hygiene training $140
  • Wells $100
  • Filters $80
With this gift, you are helping build a well to quench the thirst of hundreds of Compassion-assisted children and their families, giving them direct access to safe and clean water.
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Waterborne diseases take the life of a child every 15 seconds. With the gift of a safe water filtration system, you’ll help families access a basic need in their home, while combatting preventable diseases.
Did you know that most Compassion children have no washroom in their home? Your gift will help ensure that children have access to a clean washroom and a place to learn proper hygiene practices, decreasing their vulnerability to infectious diseases.
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By giving a gift where it’s most needed, you are helping meet the most critical needs of a child and their community right in their moment of necessity—because the needs of today can’t wait until tomorow.

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