Children’s ministry launch

  •  July 26, 2022
  • By: Evan MacAlpine
Three middle-school girls stand a school field, holding their books.
Funding required: $8,750

This project will help: 200 children in Logba Tota, Ghana

Child development centre: GH0476, Logba Tota E.P. Child and Youth Development Centre

Boys and girls growing up in poverty in Logba Tota, Ghana, have little hope for the future. They only eat two—usually nutrient-deficient—meals a day. Malnourished, these children are vulnerable to disease and unable to enjoy their childhoods or focus at school. The local school lacks sufficient learning materials, so those children who can afford to attend often drop out.

Most caregivers are unemployed. Those who do work operate small-scale farms or work as petty traders. Parents can’t afford to nourish their children or take them to the medical clinic when sick. Malaria and cholera are rampant in this community. With no one showing them how to nurture, guide or lovingly discipline their children, many parents resort to abuse or neglect. Without parental guidance, teenagers are vulnerable to negative influences; many end up pregnant or addicted to drugs or alcohol.

But the local church in Logba Tota has a deep desire to reach out to their community with the transforming gospel of Christ and respond to some of the most pressing needs of children.

By opening a child development centre, children will have access to health care and will receive supplementary food as needed. Through your support they will also have the opportunity to go to school and receive vocational training, age-appropriate Christian teaching and discipleship, as well as education on important topics like health, hygiene and how to form healthy relationships. Along the way, they will also receive personal attention, guidance and love from caring members of the Christian community.

Real and lasting change happens when children are developed to become the adults who will create change in their community. In Compassion’s program, children learn they are loved, develop hope for their future and realize that God wants to use them to help others. These children grow up to be givers and leaders in their community.

Help children build a new future free from poverty and full of promise by launching a holistic children’s ministry!

Children’s ministry launch

Help a church in Ghana open a holistic child development ministry.

Church name: Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana – Logba Tota

Community information: In Logba Tota, a mountainous community in southeastern Ghana, 70 per cent of the population are unemployed. People who manage to find work are predominantly small-scale farmers and petty traders. Market traders must travel 50 minutes to sell their goods. Typical homes are constructed of tin or corrugated iron roofs, brick walls and cement floors. The primary diet is cassava, goat, maize and rice. Sadly, malaria and cholera are common in this community. While 80 per cent of the population identifies as Christian, effective evangelism and follow-up is greatly needed in the community.

What is provided through this gift:

  • Centre staffing
    • Staff recruitment, training and salary
  • Child registration and caregiver orientation
    • Initial caregiver meeting
  • Administrative equipment and supplies
    • Office computer and printer
    • Office supplies
  • Classroom furnishings and supplies
    • Teaching resources and supplies
  • Health checkups and supplies
    • Initial health screenings
    • Height and weight measurement tools