Why travel with Compassion?

Many children say their sponsor’s visit is one of the best moments in their life. That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to meet your Compassion child in person—and to see the life-changing work of this ministry firsthand.

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group sitting together at a home visit

I wasn’t sure what to expect and was nervous about going around with an unknown group of people, but the [sense of] community built and the team we had really enhanced being able to see [the country] in a whole other light than I had in the previous [trips].

– Heidi
woman hugging child

I was able to witness the work that God is doing through Compassion’s efforts in Guatemala. It was amazing and inspiring to see the devotion, faith and earnestness of the children and adults we met there. These were definitely things that encouraged me as well as challenged me in my own relationship and walk with the Lord.

– Kennedy
woman sitting with sponsor child

I was encouraged by seeing the kids in the centres—that was the best part. I see that they are loved, cared for and happy because of what the sponsorship provides.

– Sylvia
women riding on a bus laughing

Group trips

Compassion Exposure Trips allow you to step into the world of the child you sponsor. On these trips, you have the opportunity to explore your sponsored child’s home country—eat the food they eat, play the games they play. And to top it all off, you will get to give your sponsored child a hug and deliver that next letter in person!

Group Trips
woman sitting with Compassion child


Visits are unique. From where you meet your child, to the friends and family you bring along, and the time of year you travel, a visit lets you make the choices.

Virtual visit with children

Virtual Connections

Meet your sponsored child and visit their world without leaving home. A Virtual Connection is a great way for you and your sponsored child to take the next step in your sponsorship and create a deeper connection.

Virtual Connection