Compassion International has been working around the globe since 1952. We understand that God’s calling to go to the “ends of the earth” is not a figure of speech. We want to connect our supporters here in Canada with the children we serve around the world. A lot of the time that connection happens through photos, letters and prayers. But sometimes, it happens in person, and we love when that happens!
children hugging two adults

The Compassion difference

On a Compassion Exposure Trip, you have the opportunity to learn from and experience a different culture. We believe that your openness to the experience will change your life. Read Less Read More

What’s included

If a trip to a country so different from your own is outside your comfort zone, be assured we will be alongside you every step of the way. We will guide you through key trip preparation, such as obtaining passports, visas (if necessary) and immunizations. We’ll provide travel tips, a packing list and fun ideas for children’s gifts. Read Less Read More
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A visitor laughs as she makes tortilla with an older women.
I was encouraged by the intimacy that I felt with Jesus while on the trip. Taking the time to be in His presence, in prayer, and in tune with the Holy Spirit all week was incredible. I strive now to keep that intimacy in my everyday life as a Mom of three young kids. Although it may be a few years before I have another opportunity to travel with Compassion again, I already look forward to the next experience.
– Heidi talking about her trip to Guatemala

What to expect

Perhaps you’re thinking about travelling with Compassion for the first time, but you’re not sure what to expect. “Where will I sleep?” you wonder. “What will I eat? How will we get around?” International travel is full of adventures, and there’s no such thing as a silly question! We have great information to help you discover what our trips are like. Below you will find information about hotel accommodations, transportation and other details involved in a typical Compassion trip. Each trip is unique and filled with discovery, so we want you to understand what is involved, and be ready to join us for this exciting journey!
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Visiting a Compassion development centre

There is nothing quite like entering a child development centre full of excited children who are ready to welcome Compassion sponsors! The children, their families and the staff members are ready to engage as soon as they arrive, frequently putting on a welcome program for the visitors. After the celebration, travellers will be able to tour the facility and witness first-hand what their sponsorship funds provide. Some centres demonstrate vocational programs for the older students and explain how they minister within the Survival program to mothers and babies. Each Compassion centre is different and unique! And of course, there is always time to play with the children and be immersed in the joy and love of the children around you.
man with arm around child

Home visits

Many families of Compassion children are waiting and praying for the opportunity to open their homes to sponsors or visitors! On each trip, we have the unique opportunity to visit homes of children in small groups. This gives visitors a chance to see what a typical house and home environment is like in the community. While visiting the family home, the group can ask the family questions, learn about their everyday life and pray for the family. This is most often a perspective-shaping experience that allows the visitors to connect with a family on a deeper level. Compassion staff will also frequently provide the travellers visiting each home with a practical gift to bless the family and show the appreciation of allowing the group to visit.
man with arm around child

Hotel accommodations

Compassion carefully selects the lodging for each trip, which is determined by many variables, such as safety, menu, location and amenities. It is the pleasure of our local staff to search out perfect accommodations for each trip. Because they have relationships with hotels in their areas, local staff are often able to secure venues that offer Compassion generous discounts because of our frequent trips and our overall mission. Most hotels we utilize for Exposure Trips are equivalent to Canada’s four-star hotels (or higher). Of course, the accommodations vary depending on the country and what is available in the area.
A visitor sits on a mini bus with some local friends. They smile and hold hands.


There are so many places to go and so much to see! On each trip, our leaders want you to experience different areas of the country—which does mean that there can be significant time spent on the road. Whether that means you will be commuting to Compassion centres or historic landmarks, please know that Compassion secures the most comfortable and safe transportation available in the area. Depending on the size of your group, you may be transported by a mini-bus or coach. Normally our trips will have the same driver for the entirety of your stay. That driver will ensure that the bus is locked and commonly waits on-site for the group, for when they are ready to depart. Coach buses usually have air conditioning and restroom facilities available, and the Compassion staff brings bottled water for you (and may also provide snacks for the long commutes). Other modes of transportation may include safari vehicles, trains or prop airplanes—it all depends on the adventure you sign up for!

Meeting your Compassion child

Undeniably, meeting your Compassion child will be the highlight of your trip and an unforgettable experience for you and your child. For an entire day, you and your Compassion child will be together at a local recreational area. You will get the chance to play games, share a meal, take photos and connect in a way that’s possible only in person! Along with your Compassion child, a guardian and a Compassion centre worker will accompany you for this exciting day. And if you are wondering about a language barrier, don’t worry! A translator will be on-hand throughout the day to ensure easy communication between you and your child. However, the hugs, smiles and laughter you share with your Compassion child won’t need any translation! Be prepared for a day of fun, laughter and likely a few happy tears.
A busy and vibrant Thai market

Experiencing the culture

No matter which country you choose, experiencing the culture is bound to be a unique opportunity. We always strive to give you an experience that integrates what Compassion does in-country, while also letting you experience the culture found within the city and rural areas. If you are in-country on a Sunday, we work to include a worship experience at a local church. We also want to give you a chance to see what life is like in the cities, often going to a market so that you can bring home special items for loved ones. Meeting people from other cultures is always an enlightening experience, and you will get a chance to have fellowship and fun with many people. In addition to the general culture of the area, you may also have the opportunity to travel to a landmark location. Whether it’s a trip to a majestic volcano or viewing wild animals at a safari park, each trip offers a special opportunity to engage with the culture fully.
A steel bowl of delicious, stewed meat


There is nothing quite as exciting as tasting new tastes! During your visits at local churches and Compassion centres, you will have typical homemade foods from the area. These meals are very similar to the meals that the children who attend the Compassion centres receive. This will give you a great chance to feel, experience and taste what your child experiences at their Compassion centre. On a trip, you will get to experience different restaurants as well as receive meals at the hotel. All of the food provided during our trips is clean and safe. Our trip leaders are very knowledgeable on what is and is not safe to consume while travelling and will help guide you in making safe choices. Remember that your trip cost includes meals, drinks and tips!
A young sponsor walks with another young girl and smiles

Giving back

Many travellers desire to travel with us to bless others. You will be amazed how easy it is to bless children and their families simply by being present and wanting to learn about their country, and communities and offering your prayers. While Exposure Trips are not “mission trips,” some trips may include a light service element, such as painting a classroom, serving the children a meal or running a group activity (such as Vacation Bible School) for the children to enjoy. We hope we are each a blessing in a special way to the children and community, but it regularly turns out that we are actually the ones who are blessed the most!

Child protection policy

Concern for the well-being of children is the cornerstone of our ministry. It is important to read our full Child Protection Policy if you are considering travelling with us, as it guides interactions between sponsors and children. This policy is intended to protect the children in our program from abuse, as well as our visitors from any wrongful allegations. Please note that we require a background check for everyone of legal age in your province (18 or 19) and older who interacts with any participant of our program.