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Global impact

Here’s where you made an impact

In 2023, 2,322,285 registered children and 30,760 Survival program participants are being assisted through Compassion’s ministry in partnership with 8,357 local churches in 29 countries around the world.

Thanks to your support and generosity, in 2023, Compassion is serving 36,037 more children and youth and 3,702 more Survival program participants compared to 2022.

Global map of Compassion partner countries around the world


  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua

South America

  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Peru


  • Burkina Faso
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Togo
  • Uganda
  • Zambia


  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand

The faces of Compassion’s ministry around the world

Egodine headshot

Egodine, 8, Burkina Faso

Without a clean water source, Egodine experienced the health and social impact of scarce resources. Compassion supported the community with a borehole, providing immediate access to clean water.

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Joseph headshot

Holman, 15, and Joseph, 8, Nicaragua

When Holman and Joseph’s roof began to leak heavily and their parents couldn’t afford to fix it, everything felt impossible. The boys found encouragement in their sponsor’s letters—and practical help in a generous gift.

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Bobita headshot

Bobita, 18, Bangladesh

With flash foods, Bobita’s village was cut off from food supplies. The Compassion centre immediately distributed emergency food packs to her community, ensuring Bobita can attend school.

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Deinner headshot

Deinner, 1, Colombia

When Deinner’s mother passed away after giving birth, the Compassion Survival program supported his grandmother Bridis in taking him in by providing food, supplies and resources to earn an income.

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Strategic priorities

Here’s what we believe: We have a responsibility to strategically steward and invest our resources to maximize impact today and for the future.

Globally, Compassion has a multi-year priority to scale our ministry to advance life outcomes with more children and youth more quickly. Rooted in our unwavering Christ-centred, child-focused and church-driven foundations, Compassion is making strategic investments globally and domestically to achieve this important multi-year priority.

What that looks like around the world

Compassion’s teams around the world are working hard to operationalize a robust theory of change and ambitious program transformation efforts. Our goal is to advance evidence-based outcomes with more children and youth more quickly. See examples of evidence-based outcomes under Evidence of Impact below.

church icon

Adopting an approach to program that empowers local church partners to implement highly contextualized programs while continuously learning, improving and achieving outcomes.

location icon

New country launches that will enable Compassion to reach hundreds of thousands more children living in poverty.

investment icon

Moving into areas of greater need within the countries where we currently work to ensure our investments are making the greatest possible impact.

program model icon

New and innovative program models to ensure maximum effectiveness in each context where we work.

What that looks like in Canada

Compassion Canada’s organizational planning starts with Compassion Canada’s foundations, including our mission and strategic anchors. From our foundations, we pursue our multi-year goals:

steward resources icon

Steward our resources:

Maximize organizational effectiveness and efficiency through learning, innovation and a posture of continual improvement.

love neighbours icon

Love our neighbours:

Deepen supporter and partner engagement and impact through meaningful and personalized connections to the mission.

expand reach icon

Expand our reach:

Grow and diversify our supporter base and revenue through targeted efforts to reach and engage new individuals and institutions in Canada.

Financial details

Annual revenue and expenditures

Over the past few years, Compassion Canada was blessed to accumulate an operating surplus in part due to the sale of property and of course, thanks to the sustained generosity of our supporters. Now, we are on a multi-year plan to draw down this surplus, putting these accumulated funds to work building the capacity and capabilities we need to expand our reach and impact.

Fiscal year: 2023 2022 2021
Program Revenue
Child & Youth Development 63,347,397 62,567,114 63,192,836
Complementary Interventions 7,057,957 8,184,138 4,656,725
Survival 2,643,128 2,605,441 2,093,322
Disaster 837,662 1,278,980 3,980,610
Total Program Revenue $73,886,144 $74,635,672 $73,923,493
Other Revenue
Investment Income 684,975 9,997 327,993
Other Revenue 11,496 27,645 1,104,856
Total Other Revenue $696,471 $37,642 $1,432,849
Total Revenues $74,582,615 $74,673,315 $75,356,342
Expenditures 2023 2022 2021
Program Expenditures
Child and Youth Development 54,745,678 50,923,219 52,039,749
Complementary Interventions 5,646,366 6,797,311 3,729,326
Survival 2,114,502 2,084,353 1,674,658
Disaster 670,130 2,203,874 3,184,488
Total Program Expenditures $63,176,676 $62,008,757 $60,628,221
Operating Expenditures
Fundraising 8,617,341 7,037,871 6,262,803
Administration 5,432,608 5,896,223 4,518,685
Total Operating Expenditures $14,049,949 $12,934,094 $10,781,488
Total Expenditures $77,226,625 $74,942,851 $71,409,709
Ratios* 2023 2022 2021
Program 83.4% 83.9% 84.2%
Fundraising 9.8% 9.5% 9.6%
Administration 6.8% 6.6% 6.2%

*Ratios are reported based on a rolling 5-year average.

Rated one of Canada’s Highest Rated Charities by Canada’s charity watchdog, Compassion Canada is committed to handling the finances entrusted to us with the utmost integrity. When you give, 83.4 per cent of funds are used for program activities benefiting the children we serve and 16.6 per cent are used for operating expenses to serve our supporters and invite more people in Canada to join the mission.

Compassion Canada is proud to be a member or affiliate of the following networks and associations:

Here’s how donations were used.

Program Expenditures

Child & Youth Development


Targeted Response


Targeted Response

29.7% Urgent needs

25.1% Survival

18.8% Education

7.9% Disaster relief

6.6% Water, sanitation, and hygiene

4.2% COVID

3.4% Stability

2.1% Sponsorship launch

1.2% Health

1.1% Church plant

Cost of fundraising donut chart

The cost of fundraising

Of every dollar we spend, just 9.8¢ is used for fundraising efforts.*

This pays for our fundraising staff, print and media advertising, printing and distribution costs for our mailings, fundraising events and online activities. We take privacy, security and integrity seriously in all our operational activities, keeping donor information secure and ensuring all funds are spent in alignment with our high standards of financial integrity.


Canadians contribute to the life-changing mission of Compassion in a variety of ways, including giving their time and talents, platforms and influence, as well as through financial gifts. We call these partnerships.

Here's just a snapshot of our partnerships in 2022-2023


supporters gave time, talent and financial gifts


individuals and organizations gave financially


active supporting churches and church networks


volunteers in communities across Canada

The impact of your support



moms and babies supported through Compassion Canada



survival programs funded by Canadians



children sponsored by Canadians



letters sent from Canadian sponsors to the children they sponsor



children and youth benefitted from water, hygiene and sanitation interventions



children and youth benefitted from stability interventions



children and youth benefitted from education interventions



children and youth benefitted from health interventions

See more of your impact by reading our online Intervention Reports.

Evidence of impact

As we seek to advance evidence-based outcomes with more children and youth more quickly, Compassion is making investments in monitoring and evaluating program outcomes to ensure your generosity has the most impact possible.

Our Global Outcomes Framework is focused on four areas in the lives of children and youth:

  • Capacity for economic self-sufficiency: Having motivation, skills and education to economically support themselves and others.
  • Youth agency: Having vision, skills and character to positively influence their context.
  • Spiritual development: Growing in their spiritual relationships and contributing to and engaging with the community.
  • Well-being: Being physically and mentally healthy as well as having a positive self-identity and relationships.

Here are just a few examples of the encouraging outcomes we are seeing around the world in these four areas:

toolbox icon

Capacity for economic self-sufficiency

In Ethiopia, youth in Compassion’s program are 26% more likely to complete a higher level of education and 25% more likely to be able to use an income-generating skill than youth who are not Compassion program participants. 

certificate icon

Youth agency

In Ghana, youth in Compassion’s program are 96% more likely to have attended leadership training than youth who are not Compassion program participants. 

bible icon

Spiritual development

In Ecuador, youth in Compassion’s program are 25% more likely to serve their church or community than youth who are not Compassion program participants.

In Indonesia, youth in Compassion’s program are 20% more likely to study the Bible in a group than youth who are not Compassion program participants.

heart health icon


In Ecuador, youth in Compassion’s program are 14% less likely to have missed school due to illness than youth who are not Compassion program participants.

In Indonesia, youth in Compassion’s program are 13% more likely to have an adult role model than youth who are not Compassion program participants.

How learning drives continued improvements to child development: Compassion’s Program Cycle 

Seven decades of serving in holistic child development have shown us that continual learning helps us ensure the best possible outcomes for the children and youth we serve. We continue to learn how local churches and communities understand best what will help them thrive. Since each community’s context and needs are different, it is important each Compassion church partner has the information they need for decision-making that benefits program participants in their communities.

For example, if a local church partner was focusing on hand-washing education to prevent illness, did it work? Did children learn and begin washing their hands properly? Did it have an impact on health outcomes? If not, what should we adapt or change to improve future outcomes? What learnings can be shared in other communities and countries?

This learning posture is part of the role of Compassion’s Program Cycle, a process that empowers frontline workers to prioritize proven interventions as they respond to their most pressing local issues.

Interventions fall under one of our four outcome areas: Capacity for economic self-sufficiency, youth agency, spiritual development and well-being. Together, these outcome areas are aimed at the long-term goal of young people fully developing their God-given potential and making a difference in their context. Interventions will be tracked over time and play a critical role in helping us continue to learn and improve.

Program cycle diagram
How the Program Cycle works

Besides promoting greater program effectiveness, the goal of the Program Cycle is to create a culture of continuous learning among our local church partners and, as part of our common Global Outcomes Framework, empower church partners to customize their programs to address the unique needs of the children and youth in their community.

The cycle begins with the church partner analyzing robust data on the needs of children and youth in their community. With support from Compassion staff, they design and contextualize a relevant program, drawing on a global catalogue of evidence-informed interventions.

The church will then carry out the interventions, monitoring challenges and successes to inform learning along the way. Evaluating results with Compassion staff, the frontline church determines whether the interventions achieved their goals. Together they celebrate strengths and identify opportunities, with new knowledge and learning to inform adjustments that may be needed as the cycle begins again.

My brother matters too

Donatien and Pierre sit outside with their mother, Afi. In Togo, the family didn’t have the resources to treat Pierre’s tumour. Even though Pierre wasn’t registered in the Compassion program, Compassion centre helped him access life-saving medical care!

Open and close icon

My brother matters too

Donatien and Pierre sit outside with their mother, Afi. In Togo, the family didn’t have the resources to treat Pierre’s tumour. Even though Pierre wasn’t registered in the Compassion program, Compassion centre helped him access life-saving medical care!


Board of Directors

Mark Fletcher, Chair
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Vice President of Construction Teng Inc.

Clark Kassian, Vice Chair
Calgary, Alberta
Partner, Dentons Canada LLP

Leighton Reimer, Secretary
Caronport, Saskatchewan
EVP & CFO Briercrest College & Seminary

Dr. Jennifer Adkins
Langley, British Columbia
Vice President, Inclusive Excellence, Trinity Western University

David Burton
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Regional Director General - Atlantic, Department of Canadian Heritage

Dr. Marie Geschwandtner
Ottawa, Ontario
Chiropractor, Body Garage

Len Hummel
Toronto, Ontario
Executive Director, Pentecostal Financial Services Group and PAOC Pension

Dr. Andrew Johnson
Calgary, Alberta
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Calgary

Ian Lawson
Lethbridge, Alberta
Itinerate Teaching Pastor


Annual General Members Meeting

September 16, 2022
November 18, 2022

Board Meetings

September 15-16, 2022
November 17-18, 2022
February 23, 2023
June 8-9, 2023

Nominating and Governance

November 7, 2022
February 1, 2023
May 31, 2023

Finance and Audit Committee

September 8, 2022
May 24, 2023

“Compassion is faithful and effective in their stewardship, professional as an organization, responsible in their spending and live out their faith.”

– Brett Wellman, Donor, Calgary, AB

“I really believe that Compassion is just exceptional in terms of stewarding resources. If I look at the numbers, more than 80 per cent goes right to the work. Compassion is unbelievable in terms of money that is used on the ground. So, if people ask me why I choose to give to Compassion, that’s my personal reason.”

– Ian Ardill, Donor, Richmond Hill, ON

“Compassion is an organization that we as a family have supported for a long time… We started with one Compassion child and then took the leap, and each kid selected a child to sponsor. It was a way to say, ‘This is important to us as a family.’ It was gratifying to receive letters and watch them grow up and graduate. It’s a beautiful opportunity to bless people.”

– Kate Rock-Thompson, Sponsor, London, ON

“Supporting Compassion's mission to release the impoverished in Jesus’ name is an incredible opportunity. Relieving poverty is amazing, but doing so while sharing the bread of life and eternal hope is the ultimate pairing, and so to be able to partner with Compassion is literally a blessing for our organization.”

– Dan Bartels, Donor, Ancaster, ON

“We have heard about and experienced Compassion’s impact, and it is truly huge! We are now fully captivated by the work Compassion is doing, and we will be sharing [with others] Compassion’s love, loyalty, and desire for holiness, faith and obedience to God and His word, and their holistic, humble and kind service to lift children out of poverty in Jesus’ name.”

– Phil and Karen Huizing, Sponsors, Osler, SK

Around the world

Read stories of your impact

Reaching the farthest

Honchowing sits on the floor with her fourth grade class and reads a study book. In Thailand, some migrant communities don’t have access to school systems. With Compassion’s support, a local pastor built a school for a remote migrant community.

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Reaching the farthest

Honchowing sits on the floor with her fourth grade class and reads a study book. In Thailand, some migrant communities don’t have access to school systems. With Compassion’s support, a local pastor built a school for a remote migrant community.

Compassion’s programs assist children through all stages of their development, from birth to graduation and beyond. Compassion’s Survival program, Child and Youth Development programs, and Complementary Interventions allow children and their families to thrive how they were meant to.

Helping moms and babies in the Dominican Republic

Without enough resources, young families experience great hardship. Babies need medical attention and nutrition in order to grow up healthy. The Survival program supports moms with interventions like job skills training to generate an income and provides babies with medical attention. In the Dominican Republic, this Survival Program helped a mom learn how to make mattresses.

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Education for girls in rural Thailand

Nawmuenawpho and Nawdalerpaw dream of becoming nurses, but they live in a village that only educates students up to grade 4. Thankfully, their Compassion centre is going the extra mile to find creative ways for students in this rural village to continue their education and reach for bright futures free from poverty.

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How farming is transforming a community in Nicaragua

With the challenges of the pandemic, food packages were distributed to children in Nicaragua. Compassion centre staff also supported the community with resources to begin practicing agriculture. From spinach to zucchini, families are learning how to grow seeds and water crops. With this new life skill and food to feed their children, families are empowered to build a nourished future.

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