Help babies survive

Why should you give to child survival?

Most of the millions of children who die every year pass away in their first year of life. The majority of these deaths are preventable.

When you give to child survival, you will help churches provide:

  • Pre- and postnatal care
  • Nutrition for malnourished moms and babies
  • Education on breastfeeding, nutrition and disease prevention
  • Spiritual guidance for moms, including the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ
Help moms and babies in these countries survive:
A mother stands, holding her baby on her hip. She looks into the camera, standing on a lush, green yard

The Child Survival Program in Rwanda will ensure babies and pregnant women receive the health care they need.

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A mother is holding her baby in her arms and smiling as she looks at the child.

The Child Survival Program in El Salvador will ensure babies and pregnant women receive the health care they need. Mothers will have the opportunity to learn about things like disease prevention and nutrition.

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A Ugandan Mom embraces her baby

Uganda has been called the Pearl of Africa, but poverty is common, especially in rural areas. Uganda has the third highest birthrate in the world, but HIV/AIDS and other health issues keep mortality high.

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The Dominican Republic is has the largest economy in the Caribbean, but two out of every five people still lives in poverty. In the communities where Compassion serves, families survive on just a few dollars a day.

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Ecuador is a diverse country on South America’s west coast. Despite the profitability of its petroleum-based economy, one quarter of the population still lives below the poverty line.

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Haiti is a country in the Caribbean, sharing the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. Formerly a French colony, Haiti became the first independent colony in the world in 1804.

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Nicaragua, located in Central America, is a lush land punctuated by volcanoes. Although the economy is recovering from decades of political instability, Nicaragua remains the poorest country in Central America…

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No less than 80 per cent of your donation will be used for program activities and a maximum of 20 per cent for fundraising and administration. If we exceed our funding goal for the initiative shown, the remaining funds will be used to fund other programs where the need is greatest.