Resources for your church.

Resources to help you learn more about the gospel, poverty and mission and to help you share about Compassion’s ministry at your church. There’s something here for everyone, no matter the age, size of the group or platform.

Engage your church with the power of sponsorship

Christ, church, children. if those things matter to you as much as they do to us, then you’re in the right place. for us, child sponsorship isn’t just a development model. It’s an invitation to join God in the mission of releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. 

These videos from our if Only You Knew campaign share real stories of the impact of sponsorship. We hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us. Download the full campaign toolkit to share these stories with your church and invite your community into the life-changing journey of child sponsorship.

Your church and the global food crisis

Hunger is asking the global church a question. Our response matters more than ever.

The world is facing a global food crisis that is pushing families to the brink of starvation. The need is urgent. In fact, this global food crisis is the worst hunger emergency the world has seen in decades.

Empowering the local church to meet this urgent need is the most effective response to this crisis. Your church can partner with churches around the world to bring hope to the most vulnerable. Together, we can equip every believer to feed the hungry.

Let’s be the church that answers. Let’s answer hunger with hope.

Full campaign kit

Engage your church with the power of sponsorship




Engage your church through our global Food Crisis Response Kit which includes resources to help unpack the global food crisis and its impact on children and their families. Download the full kit or choose the resources that will best serve your community.

A 1-minute video

explaining the global food crisis and its impact on children (0:58)


A 3-minute video

explaining the global food crisis and its impact on children (2:57)


A thank you video

to celebrate your impact and generosity (0:57)


Printable ornament

that you can use to visually track your community’s generosity in your church’s gathering space. Each ornament has a QR code that links directly to where your community can give to the global food crisis.


Curriculum and small group resources

Video curriculum to help kids, youth, families and small groups learn about God’s heart for the poor and consider how to take practical action in the fight against poverty.

Eyes to See

This six-week journey invites individuals or small groups to view the world as God sees it, get to the root of poverty and become part of the solution.

explore resource

True Story

A six-week curriculum to help teens discover what God wants us to do about poverty, designed for churches, youth groups and Christian education settings.

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Step Into My Shoes

Kids are invited to see the world in a whole new way during this immersive and interactive experience designed for families or church groups.

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“Eyes to See offers us a chance to explore God and change the way we see the world. This is how salvation comes to earth! Eyes to See offers us an encounter with the God who sees us. It is a world changing perspective that is deeply needed in our current culture.”

Danielle Strickland, Toronto, Ontario

“Part of our role as youth workers is to teach the whole counsel of God, to teach all of what Scripture has to say. and a part of that is clearly that God has a heart and a deep concern for the poor and the oppressed of the world. Teaching on social justice and God’s heart for the poor and for the oppressed needs to be part of the regular teaching cycle of any youth ministry and True Story is simply the best stuff available to do that. Compassion’s done a lot of work to get this right.”

Jeremy Best, St. Thomas, Ontario

“Compassion is the real deal. Having been on several trips with Compassion, I’ve seen first-hand the incredible impact their work has on children, families, and communities. Best of all, it’s administered effectively through the local church… an approach that truly advances the Kingdom. [Eyes to See] will open your eyes, and your heart, to the role of the Church in caring for those in need.”

Carey Nieuwhof, Barrie, Ontario

“Eyes to See gives us a unique view and shares how we can practically bring the love of Jesus into a hurting and dying world. It brings a message of hope and solution and invites us to open our hearts and our hands to make a difference in the life of one person at a time. I truly appreciate the vibrant message of faith, hope and love that is woven into every chapter of this beautiful book.”

Helen Burns, Surrey, British Columbia

“I thought it was really cool that [True Story] makes students understand that the Scriptures aren’t just a collection of many stories, they’re one big story of how God is redeeming the world and that it’s really their story. I saw students come alive in the sense that they realized, ‘Hey, God has blessed me with the ability to do something… in Jesus’ name.’”

Nate Arena, Kitchener, Ontario

“So often it feels like we can agree that something should be done to alleviate global poverty but we quickly get stuck in the overwhelming quicksand of, ‘Yes, but how?’ Thanks, Compassion, for giving us the eyes to see how to become active parts of the solution. Personally, as a parent and as a pastor, this resource is an incredible gift!”

Jeff Lockyer, St. Catharines, Ontario

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