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Engage your staff, demonstrate your strong sense of social responsibility and use your influence and resources to set children free from poverty.

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Why think about Social Responsibility?

Leading a compassionate people is better for business


76% of consumers believe it is no longer acceptable for companies to just make money; they expect them to positively impact society, as well.



86% of consumers say they’re likely to purchase products from purpose-driven companies.



Only 55% of millennials think business has a positive impact on society.

The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019


An online survey of more than 1,500 Canadian office workers found that 47 per cent of millennial respondents would give up a pay raise for more meaningful work.

Legerweb on behalf of ServiceNow 2019

Why Compassion?

Over nearly 70 years of ministry, Compassion has learned that responding to poverty goes beyond simply giving people things, because things won’t change communities—people will. Real and lasting change happens when children are developed to become adults who will create change in their communities. Compassion’s program seeks to develop children holistically so that they are empowered to become the givers and leaders that transform other lives.

Come be a part of this story. Compassion provides your organization with a strategic, sustainable and effective way to make a lasting impact.

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What our partners are saying
Headshot of Gerald Miller

“God’s blessed us with a fantastic business that has been able to provide for our employees and their families. But we saw that we had the opportunity to do more. We were excited to partner with Compassion Canada because the values Compassion has really resonated with us.”

Gerald Miller, President, LA-Z-BOY Vancouver

Headshot of Merena Johnson

“We wanted to align ourselves with an organization that also supports women and children and so we support pre-natal and post-natal programs through Compassion Canada.”

Merena Johnson, Founder, Halo Headwear

We have options to help you achieve your goals.

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Give children everything they need to overcome poverty. Consider sponsoring children on behalf of your employees, giving them the opportunity to meaningfully impact and connect with a sponsored child.

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Set up a regular donation or give a one-time gift to help provide relief and support to a child, family or community. You can choose to give to a project or region that resonates most with your organization.

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Team fundraising

Make an impact as a team by engaging your staff and making the most of their influence, talent, passion and diversity to creatively fundraise for children and families living in poverty.

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Gift matching

Maximize the impact and generosity within your organization by starting a gift matching program to match your employees’ donations and sponsorships with Compassion.

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Stay informed and inspired through regular, comprehensive reports with photos and quotes directly from the beneficiaries impacted by your organization’s generosity.

Icon showing a plane flying around the world


Give your team the shared experience of travelling and learning together on a trip with Compassion to see your organization’s impact firsthand.

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Partner with us
to change lives

Your business can connect with Compassion in a way that best suits your passion, resources and vision.

If you’re interested in making social impact please fill out the form. Our helpful staff will guide you through the process so that you can start changing lives.

Frequently asked questions

Are we able to choose a region or area of focus?

Yes! Our team can present you with opportunities to make an impact that are connected to a specific region or area of focus that you choose. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

How much time investment will a partnership with Compassion take on my part?

We are here to serve you. We invite whatever level of engagement fits for you, whether that’s receiving yearly reports, taking the time to plan and go on a trip to see your impact or somewhere in between.

Can I get a tax receipt in my business’s name?

Yes! We issue charitable tax receipts annually in February in the name of the donating individual or business.

Can my employees volunteer with Compassion?

We do not have a corporate volunteer program, but your employees are more than welcome to individually explore volunteer opportunities with Compassion. They can find more information on our volunteer page.

Will you publicize my donation? How can I make an anonymous donation?

We will not publicize anything about your donations or partnership with Compassion without your consent. If you’d like to make an anonymous donation, please get in touch with a member of our team. Each of our team members is experienced and equipped to handle donations with utmost confidentiality whenever requested.