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Engage your staff, demonstrate your strong sense of social responsibility and use your influence and resources to set children free from poverty.

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Why think about Social Responsibility?

Leading a compassionate people is better for business


75% of customers surveyed say it is no longer acceptable for companies just to make money; they must positively impact society too.

2021 Porter Novelli/Cone Purpose Premium Index


86% of employees who know their workplace gives to charities say they are very likely to stay in their job for the next two years.

Imagine Canada, 2019


70% of customers are more loyal to companies that showcase a commitment to partnering with charities.

Statista study 2, 2019


70% of millennial job candidates stated that a company’s commitment to giving back to the community influences their decision to work there.

Deloitte 2022 Gen Z and Millennial Survey

Why Compassion?

Over nearly 70 years of ministry, Compassion knows that responding to poverty goes beyond simply giving people things because things won’t change communities – people will. Real and lasting change happens through holistic child development. Through the gifts of Compassion partners, children are empowered to become the givers and leaders who transform their world.

Be a part of this story. Compassion provides your organization with a strategic, sustainable and effective way to make a lasting impact.

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What our partners are saying

“Here at EmmBaby, we love babies, and we know what they need! While providing high-quality goods to parents and their little ones, we would love to help those in need, who fall below the poverty line, both moms and young children. We chose to partner with Compassion as we know that they are doing great work supporting many who have physical needs, as well as sharing food for the soul and spirit. We are very grateful for the blessings God has blessed us with and we are happy to share with others. It is a pleasure to see what Jesus is doing in the hearts and lives of people.”

Marina Piznyur, EmmBaby, Newmarket ON

“We love the work that Compassion Canada does to support children living in poverty and how they are striving to meet real needs with real solutions. Our company is proud to be a partner and support ongoing initiatives to help bring lasting change.”

Steve & Aimee Augustine, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Elite, Grimsby ON

“As a business owner I want to know that I am creating an impact in my staff, community, and leaving a legacy that my kids can be proud of. Sponsoring children through compassion “ticked all the boxes”. Our staff are engaged and are taking ownership of developing relationships with their kids, we chose to have all of our sponsor kids from the same region so our staff or my family can visit all of the kids and see the impact our investment has made. When considering the costs of the sponsorship program relative to the operating costs of the business, I wish I would have done this sooner.”

Clarke Rieck, Lyndon Fish Hatcheries, New Dundee ON

We have options to help you achieve your goals

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Make an investment in the life of children in need. Sponsorship provides everything a child needs to overcome poverty and create lasting change in their community.

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Set up regular gifts or give a one-time gift to help provide relief to children through a number of different funds and giving opportunities.

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Launch a Campaign

Bring awareness to your business partnership in a mutually beneficial marketing campaign that helps promote your corporate social responsibility in your community.

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Engage your Employees or Customers

Unite your team or clients around a shared purpose by donating on their behalf, hosting an event or underwriting sponsorship costs.

Business Partners

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to change lives

Your business can connect with Compassion in a way that reflects your vision, passion and makes the most of your resources.

If you’re interested in a partnership for social impact, please complete the form. Our helpful staff can’t wait to meet you and help you get started on this exciting journey!

Frequently asked questions

Are we able to choose a region or area of focus?

Yes! Our team can present you with opportunities to make an impact that fits your values and identity. We would be happy to share with you what giving opportunities exist in different regions, and explain how different funds are meeting some of the most critical needs in our world today. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

How much time investment will a partnership with Compassion take on my part?

We are here to serve you. We invite whatever level of engagement fits for you, whether that’s receiving yearly reports, taking the time to plan and go on a trip to see your impact or somewhere in between.

Can I get a tax receipt in my business’s name?

Yes! We issue charitable tax receipts annually in February in the name of the donating individual or business.

How can I involve my employees with a Compassion partnership?

There are many ways a staff member can engage with Compassion. You may want to explore volunteer opportunities at local events throughout the year, becoming letter-writing correspondents or invite them to gift match. To find out what opportunities best fit your business, connect with a member of our team.

How much of my money goes directly to supporting the children in need?

Compassion Canada is one of Canada’s Highest Rated Charities by Charity Intelligence Canada. We are committed to handling the finances entrusted to us with the utmost integrity. We promise that, at the minimum, at least 80% of funds are used for program activities benefiting the children we serve, with the remaining portion for operating expenses.

Can I engage in gift matching with my business?

Yes! We have a variety of gift matching options for you. You can maximize the generosity within your organization by starting a gift matching program to match your employee’s donations and sponsorships with Compassion. You can also donate a lump sum during our Gifts of Compassion initiative that can be used towards an urgent need to encourage others to give generously.

Will you publicize my donation? How can I make an anonymous donation?

We will not publicize anything about your donations or partnership with Compassion without your consent. If you’d like to make an anonymous donation, please get in touch with a member of our team. Each of our team members is experienced and equipped to handle donations with utmost confidentiality whenever requested.