Investing in the Church in Nicaragua

  • May 3, 2024
  • By: Samuel Lee
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Funding required: $111,500

Name of church plant: Nueva Jerusalen (New Jerusalem)

Location of church: Paciente II, municipality of Quezalguaque, León in Nicaragua

Executive summary

Compassion partners exclusively with local churches to implement our programs in the world’s most vulnerable communities. We believe the Church is uniquely called, commissioned and equipped by Jesus Christ to continue His mission of “proclaim[ing] good news to the poor” (Luke 4:18). Building relationships with more local church partners allows Compassion to open more child development centres and reach more children who otherwise may not receive the practical care and exposure to the gospel provided by Compassion’s holistic child development model.

Compassion Canada is seeking an investment of $111,500 to fund the construction of essential core facilities for a new church plant in Nicaragua and a Compassion child development centre at this new church.

Initial proposal

Community in need

Compassion Nicaragua recently identified a need for a local Christ-centred church that preaches and lives God’s Word in the community of Paciente II in the municipality of Quezalguaque, León, in Nicaragua. Although the last official census conducted in 2005 indicated that the community only had 25 inhabitants, this small rural community has been steadily growing since 2010 as settlements were established and recognized by municipal authorities. The local church estimates the community could house more than 1,200 inhabitants. Agriculture and livestock farming are the key source of income for most families in this area; however, most caregivers struggle to earn an adequate living. The community lacks social services and vital infrastructure—there are no health care facilities in Paciente II and the community has one elementary school. The community also faces frequent interruptions to drinking water supplies and electrical services. Sub-standard housing in the community also contributes to the proliferation of respiratory and diarrheal diseases, especially among children.

Vision and opportunity

This church plant was proposed to Compassion by the Ríos de Agua Viva A/D church, which will serve as the “mother” church. It established evangelization and church planting ministry as one of their main objectives and from this ministry, they have participated in several local missionary projects. In 2004, they made first contact with families from the Paciente II community and in 2017, established a partnership agreement with Compassion Nicaragua to launch a holistic child development program at NI0327 called “Generación Gloriosa (Glorious Generation). By 2019, the program had a total of 477 participants, of which 110 live in the Paciente II community.

The mother church built a provisional structure for the NI0327 Compassion centre, but it does not guarantee safety and good construction practices. With a new church facility, centre leaders trust that a favourable environment will foster the healthy growth of children, they will be even more receptive to the gospel and they will continue to attend the centre so they can develop their God-given gifts and talents. Establishing a new church and church building complete with a kitchen, sanitary facilities and classrooms will provide the secure and comfortable environment children need to grow and develop into caring Christian adults and leaders in their community.

Pastor José Miguel Pérez Barrera has been nominated to serve as the pastor of the church plant. Pastor José consistently demonstrates and promotes Christian values and faith. He has been an active member in the community hosting congregational services, evangelization events, fasting and intercession meetings, home visits to community members, prayer for the sick and discipleship sessions.

Compassion Nicaragua has already implemented 25 church plant interventions with highly positive results and they are confident that the church plant will extend the reach of the gospel.


An investment of $111,500 will fund the construction of essential core structures for the new church and safe and functional facilities for the existing Compassion-assisted child development centre. Your funds will help build basic church facilities needed by the congregation and child development centre. The land on which the church facilities will be built was legally acquired in 2022 by the mother church.

This investment will contribute to growing the Church in a rapidly expanding community that greatly needs the message of Jesus Christ and the care that is best delivered through relationships built in the context of a loving local church. Together, we can build, plant and equip a new church for effective Christ-centred ministry among children and families living in poverty.

Additional information

Compassion Nicaragua has already created plans for the construction of the new facilities. However, the church will adjust the plans as needed to obtain the construction permit. Compassion Nicaragua has a Complimentary Intervention Specialist whose professional practice as an architect will allow him to provide quality control, supervision and technical inspections of the new construction.