Higher education

  • January 5, 2024
  • By: Samuel Lee
A thai young lady smiling confidently
Funding required: $114,500

This project will help: 70 young people

Estimated Completion date: February 2026

Country: Thailand

Executive summary

Accessing higher education is crucial to helping children and youth overcome generational cycles of poverty. Sadly, for many and children served by Compassion’s frontline church partners in Thailand, post-secondary education is out of reach. Children living in poverty are more likely to miss school due to frequent illnesses, transportation challenges or because they must help at home. As these children miss more school, they are less likely to continue their education at all and thus, the cycle continues.

Even for high-performing students who regularly attend school, the high cost of post-secondary tuition fees often makes college and university entirely inaccessible. Our church partners in Thailand have informed students about government student loans that can help young people complete their education. However, these loans must be repaid after graduation. In addition, many caregivers cannot afford to purchase the school supplies and materials their children would need to complete the school year. Other students do not qualify for loans for a variety of reasons.

Our frontline church partners know just how important it is for young people to get a higher education. Although they are doing everything they can to support and provide for the students they serve, they have identified 70 promising young people who need more help than what is currently available. Without it, these students will not be able to go to college or university and develop the skills they need to enter the workforce as qualified adults.

With your support, Compassion will work alongside multiple frontline church partners Thailand to cover the school fees for 70 young men and women. Students will also be provided with the materials and school supplies they need for their respective programs. Centre staff are also committed to providing ongoing educational, emotional and spiritual support through spiritual formation and leadership development camps.



Compassion Thailand works alongside 161 frontline church partners, serving more than 57,000 participants. Of that, 7,366 students are youths age 17 and older planning for higher education. Compassion Thailand has embraced education as an essential medium in the fight against poverty. Frontline church partners have been working tirelessly to support university and college education by creating different platforms, ministry opportunities and service experiences that allow young people to grow their life and leadership skills. Churches have organized clubs that allow young people to develop their interests and skills in economics, media, music, computer studies and more.

In 2022, Compassion Thailand reported that 1,263 youth participants (11 per cent) exited the Compassion program early to look for work to help support their families. Most of these young people were unable to attend college or university and likely found work as day labourers, falling well short of their full potential and their dreams.

The need

Young people in Thailand need higher education, training and skills to compete in today’s labour market, but for youths living in poverty, earning a college or university degree to pursue their God-given dreams is just not possible. Most young people end up taking low-paying jobs to support their families, thus continuing the cycle of poverty.

Your gift will provide 70 bright young men and women with the funds to cover tuition and other school-related expenses as they pursue a higher education. It will also empower centre staff to develop, organize and run spiritual formation and leadership training camps for students. As these students go on to pursue a higher education through this intervention, they will remain in the Compassion program until graduation. They will have ongoing support, monitoring and mentorship from church and centre staff, giving them what they need to excel as they develop the crucial skills and knowledge needed to graduate and enter the workforce.

What your gift will do

Your gift will provide 70 young men and women in Thailand with educational support and tuition fees, including:

  • Public school tuition fees for 48 beneficiaries
  • Private school tuition fees for 26 beneficiaries
  • Practical classes and exam preparation for 29 beneficiaries
  • Follow-up activities


  • Local contribution: US$872.24
  • Handling of funds: Compassion Thailand will ensure this project stays within budget. Monitoring and follow-up: Compassion centre staff will monitor student’s academic progress and address any challenges that students face while in school.