Is my visit considered a group or an individual visit?

  • November 28, 2017
  • By: Evan MacAlpine

An Individual Visit is when one sponsor visits one or more children they sponsor. The sponsor may bring other family or friends as guests on their visit. A Group Visit is when two or more sponsors are visiting two or more children whom they sponsor separately. The following examples may help you determine which visit request form to submit:

  • I would like to visit my Compassion child in Kenya, and my five friends who are traveling with me would like to come along on the visit. Please submit an Individual Visit Request form. Your friends will be listed as your guests on your visit.
  • My husband and I sponsor three kids in Peru. We will be going there on vacation and would like to visit our sponsored kids. Please submit an Individual Visit Request (since you and your husband sponsor the kids together).
  • My sister and I each sponsor a child in Ecuador, and we would both like to visit our Compassion children together while we’re there. Please submit a Group Visit Request (since you each have a separate sponsor number and separate Compassion children).