Why are background checks required and what is the cost?

  • November 28, 2017
  • By: Evan MacAlpine

It is the policy of Compassion International to protect children in our programs from abuse by instituting reasonable guidelines and procedures to direct the interactions of Compassion International staff, partners, supporters and other visitors with Compassion beneficiaries. In accordance with our Commitment to Child Protection, Compassion requires a Background Check for all adult visitors (legal age in your province) who are meeting any beneficiary of a ministry program. Compassion’s background checks are valid for 1 year. If you travel on another Custom Visit or Exposure Trip during this time frame, you will not need to complete another one. This includes arrangements to meet any Compassion child or visit a child development centre or Survival program.

Each adult visitor will be responsible for paying the fee as well as submitting the information to our third-party vendor, MyBackCheck. Instructions for the background check will be provided upon registration for a trip, and completion is required before joining an Exposure Trip.