December 2018 Newsletter


    A simple, yet powerful word that saturates our holiday season’s greetings, décor, and reflections. Some of us begin the Christmas season by lighting the advent candle of Hope as a bright, warm, and beautiful symbol of the hope we have in Christ. There are many other symbols for hope. The rainbow, the cross, a sunrise are just a few more.

    This Christmas, we invite you to help us create a new symbol for hope: a simple seed.

    By purchasing a gift of seeds from our Compassion Gift Guide, we can give hope to families who will use them to provide income for their families and food for their communities. This gift will give supporters access to both education and practical tools to implement sustainable farming methods. 

    Would you join us?

    Let’s grow hope for a child this Christmas…after all, isn’t hope one of the greatest gifts any of us receive?

    The Volunteer Network has a goal of 70 seed gifts before Christmas Day! It’s easy to participate with us and give your gift on-line. When prompted for “special instructions” for your donation, be sure to use the code: 8-10012910 so we can keep track of all of our seed gifts. (You can also call our office and give your gift over the phone – let one of Compassion staff members know it’s part of the Volunteer Network initiative!)

    Let’s extend hope into the lives of many children this Christmas!

    As the Volunteer Network team celebrates this season, we also want to acknowledge that each one of you has the glimmering thread of hope running through you. We see God’s story of compassion alive in you.

    We are wishing you and Merry Christmas and praying that the hope of Christ will surround you and saturate your holidays.

    Your friend at Compassion,

    Tracy SmithTracy Smith
    Volunteer Network Manager
    Compassion Canada