February 2019 Newsletter

    Two girls jump over a skipping rope. They clap their hands together in mid-air


    It seems to be one of those trendy words right now as we manage busy lives – simplicity, minimalism, reduce – all in attempt to find value and meaning. We do not want to mindlessly race through our lives.
    How much more do we feel this as Christians and volunteers with Compassion! We want to keep what’s important in front of us and not get side-tracked with distraction and busyness.

    We want to help you keep your volunteer ministry with Compassion be just that – simple. Attainable. Here are three simple actions you can do this month to bring some focus:

    Receive New Inspiration

    It only takes a few minutes to read a blog on why volunteering matters or listen to our President Elect, Allison Alley share her heart on this recent Compassion podcast.

    Make One Connection

    Take a moment right now to write down one relationship / connection / church whom you want to share with over the next few weeks about why or how you volunteer with Compassion. It can be as simple as talking about the recent letter you’ve received from your sponsored child or what God is doing in your life as you share your time and resources. (For more thoughts around this, read this article about 4 easy ways to share your heart for children in poverty at work.

    Set One Attainable Goal

    Write down one thing you really want to do this year in your volunteer role. Is it to share with a small group? Volunteer at 5 events? Start being a Volunteer Correspondent? Read more? Visit Compassion’s ministry in a country? Listen. Pray about it. Write it down. Share with us or a friend to stay accountable.

    In the podcast mentioned, our President Elect, Allison Alley was sharing about the words of her professor in a class she was taking at Fuller Seminary where it was shared that all of the Christian life can be broken down into two simple steps:

    • How can I be a life-giving presence in the place God has called me to today?
    • What is the next faithful step God is calling me towards tomorrow?

    We know these questions will resonate with you because that is how you started volunteering in the first place! We know you want to use your gifts and talents so that more children and families can hear the gospel and be given life-changing opportunities. You want to make a difference.

    We pray that God will give you clarity of vision and that you will be encouraged with the contribution you are making to Compassion. Together, as we each are faithful with what God has entrusted to us, we are becoming a part of His mission in the world…it’s as simple as that.

    Your friends at Compassion,

    The Volunteer Network Team!