How should I talk about Compassion’s ministry?

    When you share with your friends, family or church about Compassion, a big question people often ask is, “Why Compassion?” There are so many child sponsorship organizations, it can be confusing to know which to choose.

    Compassion’s ministry is unique, and we find that once people understand how we work, they are convinced! Keep these points in mind when you talk about what makes Compassion’s ministry unique:

    The difference is Jesus.

    Caring for all the needs of a child really matters—and the biggest difference we can make in a child’s life is to tell him about Jesus. Jesus Christ is the centre and reason for all we do. We are motivated by God’s love for us in the gospel. It motivates us to care for the poor’s practical everyday needs and also see them become passionate followers of Jesus Christ. We see God changing whole families and communities as children learn that God loves them and has a plan for their future.

    We work through the local church.

    Compassion partners exclusively with the local church to bring an end to poverty in the lives of the people we serve. Our church partners around the world are not only known, but trusted in their communities. They are known for their outstanding love for the poor and needy—and because of that, they can reach people that no other organization on earth can. As children find a place where they are known and cared for, their parents are also finding a home in the church and their lives are being transformed through the power of the gospel.

    We develop children in all areas of their lives.

    Compassion focuses on children because they are the most seriously affected by poverty and the least able to do anything about their circumstances. But because of the complexity of poverty, we can’t focus on just one area of a child’s life and hope for it to “fix” things. That’s why we focus on holistic child development. We ensure children are able to thrive in school. We teach them skills to build healthy relationships with their family and friends. We make sure they are physically healthy. And each child has the opportunity to become and grow as a follower of Christ. When all these areas of a child’s life receive the care and attention they need, children are able to grow into mature Christian adults who will be the ones to change their communities.

    It’s about relationship.

    Sponsoring a child isn’t about money—it’s about a relationship. One of the things that has the biggest impact on the life of a child living in poverty is the letters that sponsors send to their sponsored children. These notes of encouragement and love tell a child that they do matter, that there is hope for their future. As sponsors write letters back and forth with their sponsored children, they truly are changing that child’s whole outlook on life and giving them new hope for their future.

    Every day, God is doing amazing things in the lives of children living in poverty around the world. We’re so thankful that you are joining with us to find loving sponsors for these children, releasing them from poverty in Jesus’ name.