June 2019 newsletter

    Two girls jump over a skipping rope. They clap their hands together in mid-air

    In this month’s newsletter, we wanted to share an encouraging devotional that we trust will inspire you as you draw close to Jesus and as you offer your time and gifts for His kingdom work.

    In Ontario, spring was late this year. Buds and blooms struggled to come out at their usual time, waiting for more sunshine and warmth. The constant cool temperatures and rain caused delays for seeding and planting, and as we enter the second week of June, it seems that growth is just slowly starting.

    Life can sometimes feel that way – in a world where we strive for movement, significance and to make our mark – we can grow impatient with the seasons of waiting or slower growth.

    We might even start comparing.

    We compare branches in a way we were not designed to.

    We grow restless when we see others are further along and have started blooming; we make ourselves feel better when others haven’t even begun to bud.

    The thing is – branches aren’t meant to compare.

    Branches are not even in control of timing or growth.

    They are completely and utterly dependent.

    “Apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

    Be reminded today of these simple truths:

    • Stay connected to and dependent on Jesus (John 15:4)
    • Let Jesus be your source of significance (John 15:15-16)
    • Love like Jesus (John 15:17)

    Stay connected to the source of everything you need.

    Be patient in times of waiting.

    Do everything in love.

    Allow your volunteering be rooted in Christ, saturated in His love and your life will flourish as it was meant to in His perfect time.

    We are praying for you and are thankful for you!

    Your friends at Compassion,
    The Volunteer Network Team!

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