June Newsletter

    June 12, 2017

    Has a Compassion child touched your life through special letters, photos or even through a meaningful visit face-to-face? Then you have a story worth telling! Has God placed a burden on your heart for a specific country or for a particular need of those living in poverty like clean water or education? Then you have a story worth telling!

    Did you know that simply sharing your story can inspire others to make a difference too?

    This year we’ve cast our bright spotlight on the word “sharing”. Sharing YOUR Compassion story. It’s you, our volunteers, who each have something unique to give and share with others and we want to help you in any way we can!

    Take a moment to learn how some fellow volunteers are reaching out, sharing their story and changing lives. We know it will encourage you in your role as a volunteer!

    Follow the Volunteer Network on Facebook and Instagram  and our Sharing Compassion page for your ongoing inspiration!

    Perhaps you would be willing to share YOUR story with us?  Just a short blurb of how you volunteer and why, along with a photo (in action volunteering or of just you). We’d love to spread some more inspiration within our volunteer community.

    Sharing our Compassion Story together,

    Tracy Smith
    Volunteer Network Manager
    Compassion Canada