March 2019 Newsletter

    Two girls jump over a skipping rope. They clap their hands together in mid-air

    Never Have I Ever is one of those imaginative campfire games made fun by the people you are with.

    Have you ever played it?

    Never have I ever hugged a cow…
    Never have I ever bungee-jumped…
    Never have I ever changed my favourite colour…
    Never have I ever…. And you fill in the blank!

    In this game you want to be saying “I have done that!” because the one with the least “Never Have I Evers” wins!

    It’s a fun way to laugh at silly things we’ve all done or to be inspired for a bit more adventure in our lives. As we thought about the game “Never Have I Ever”, we were inspired to play a round with YOU!

    Although the Compassion version will not include hugging cows or bungee-jumping, it still is a fun way to see what volunteering with Compassion offers and what experiences might just be the bridge that helps us continue sharing our Compassion story with others.

    Join us in a short round of Never Have I Ever and see what just might be a great way to bring some inspiration into this season!

    How did you do? Did you score a perfect six or maybe you gained six new ways to bring energy and adventure into your volunteering?

    The Volunteer Network team wants you to LOVE the part you play in releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

    We think these six things are wonderful ways to engage with the mission of Compassion and to bring a breath of fresh air to our lives! Choose one to take bold, adventurous action on this month.

    Never have we ever been so excited to be partnered with amazing people like you!

    Your friends at Compassion,
    The Volunteer Network Team!