May 2019 Newsletter

    Two girls jump over a skipping rope. They clap their hands together in mid-air
    Little things.

    Little things like a conversation, a phone call, a “yes,” a handwritten note, a smile or a prayer. Life is made up of the little things. Little moments that string together to make up our stories.

    It has been said that the Christian walk is rarely those mountain top moments (and we all love those!), but most often is a long stretch of flat road on which we faithfully put one foot in front of the other.

    And, little things are what we pick up along the way on our journey. We pause mid-step to say yes to the person beside us, we stoop down to love and embrace a child, and we pass the time on our journeys with a story to share or a prayer to pray.

    During our recent Volunteer Appreciation Week, we spent some time reflecting on how each of you bring what is in your hands and give it over to God. Sometimes it may feel like just little things. But we remember the boy with two fish and five loaves and how Jesus takes what we offer and He does the miraculous.

    God delights in using the little things. He changes lives as we share simple moments with others, and He answers our prayers of faith. He takes whatever we bring Him, big or small, and uses it in His work of releasing more children from poverty in His name!

    Perhaps you are looking for small ways that you can make an impact this month. Here are some of “the little things” to inspire you:

    • Join with us in prayer and start receiving our new monthly Prayer Update
    • Read a story on our blog and take a moment to pass it along to some friends or share on social media
    • Write a brief paragraph about why you volunteer with Compassion – look for an opportunity to share it
    • Say yes to an upcoming event in your area
    • Think about a simple fundraiser for the summer and let us help

    Let us know how we can help you in any of the little or big things you plan to do!

    Your friends at Compassion,
    The Volunteer Network Team!