October 2019 Newsletter

    The sponsor team stands together, holding child packs and a Value One sign

    This Thanksgiving, many of us are busy preparing. It may be planning a special meal, preparing for guests in our home, or making travel arrangements to be with the ones we love. Being prepared creates opportunities to make meaningful connections. We tend to prepare well for the things that matter to us.

    What matters to Compassion Volunteer, Alex Muir, is releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. As a young boy scout, he adopted the motto “Be Prepared”. To this day, when he advocates on behalf of children living in poverty, Alex continues to live out this motto. He has learned that being prepared with a child pack on hand speaks far louder than a simple referral to Compassion’s website. Alex recognizes that the moment a child’s story enters the hands of someone who desires to make a difference, a connection naturally begins.

    As a Compassion volunteer, we know that releasing children from poverty matters to you. As we launch Value One in this season of gratitude, we want to help you prepare to make a connection.

    This week you will be receiving a child pack in the mail from us. Being prepared with a child pack on hand can create a unique opportunity for you to make a connection with someone, and share this child’s story and need.

    We are praying as a team for you. We are in this together with you. May God prepare each of us for the moment He calls us to share.

    Valuing one together,
    The Volunteer Network Team

    Want ideas of how to share? Connect with us at volunteer@compassion.ca or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/compassionadvocate.