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Global impact

Here’s where you made an impact

More than 2 million children and their families are being assisted through Compassion’s ministry in partnership with over 8,000 local churches in 27 countries around the world.

Global map of Compassion partner countries around the world


  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua

South America

  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Peru


  • Burkina Faso
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Togo
  • Uganda


  • Bangladesh
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand

The faces of Compassion’s ministry around the world

Suleyma, 10, El Salvador

Amidst a lockdown and personal grief, Suleyma found joy in a unique talent that led her to win a national competition.

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Luis, 8, Colombia

The support of Compassion is critical for families like Luis’, especially as they faced heightened struggle through the pandemic.

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Christian, 26, Rwanda

Separated by genocide, a Compassion Canada blog post was the catalyst of reuniting Christian with long-lost family after 26 years.

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Keilah, 11, Indonesia

The pandemic devastated this small fishing community, but Keliah is learning to be brave and praying for better days.

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Financial details

Annual revenue and expenditures




Child and youth development


Complementary interventions




Investment Income


Other Revenue **


Total Revenues





Program activities

Child Development


Complementary Interventions




Total Program Activities






Total Expenditures


Funds for Future Ministries


Financials by Percentage



Program Activities






Canadian Christian Council of Christian Charities seal

Compassion Canada proudly accepts the Seal of Organizational Integrity and Accountability from the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities.

Here’s how donations were used.

Program activity funds



Beyond sponsorship


*'Sponsorship' refers to all child development program funds.


52.4% Disaster relief
19.6% Survival
12.6% Water, sanitation and hygiene
6.8% Stability
5.9% Education
2.7% Health

*These activities are funded by donors to our Complementary Interventions and Survival Programs. Percentages are rounded.

Cost of fundraising donut chart

The cost of fundraising

Of every dollar we spend, just 8.8¢ is used for fundraising efforts.*

This pays for all of our fundraising staff, print and media advertising, printing and distribution costs for our mailings, fundraising events and online activities. Compassion does not, directly or indirectly, pay finder’s fees, commissions or percentage compensation based on contributions.

How we steward your resources

As an accredited member of the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities, Compassion Canada is committed to handling the finances entrusted to us with the utmost integrity. This year, 84.9 per cent of funds were used for program activities benefiting the children we serve. 15.1 per cent was used for fundraising and administration expenses.

Program activities

80.4% International program
4.5% Engagement support in Canada

Operating expenses

8.8% Fundraising
6.3% Administration


Canadians contribute to the life-changing mission of Compassion in a variety of ways, including by giving of their time and talents, platforms and influence, as well as through financial gifts. We call these partnerships.

Here's just a snapshot of our partnerships in 2020-2021


supporters who gave time, talent and financial gifts


individuals and organizations who gave financially


influencers who used their platforms on our behalf


active supporting churches and church networks


volunteers in communities across Canada

Your generous financial support

In our last fiscal year, Compassion’s financial support came from 87,991 families and organizations. Their generosity allowed us to continue our mission of releasing children from poverty.

Individuals and families make up 97.6 per cent of our total financial supporters. The other 2.4 per cent comes from businesses, churches, schools, foundations, service or community organizations and other groups.

Financial supporter breakdown
85,905 Individuals and families
961 Businesses
787 Churches
71 Schools
39 Foundations
228 Other

Ministry highlights

COVID-19 response: adapting to the changing needs of our neighbours

Last year, the pandemic was new. But now, we’ve done a full year of ministry during the global COVID-19 pandemic, which included life-saving emergency response, new program adaptations and exciting opportunities for supporters to connect with the communities where we work.

Distributed more than 15.9 million food packs

With vulnerable families struggling to buy food and being pushed to the brink of starvation, Compassion’s local church partners prioritized delivering food packs to families in desperate need. Between April 2020 and June 2021, Compassion’s local church partners distributed 15,996,050 food packs to children and their families.

More than 433,000 unconditional cash transfers

In some countries where Compassion works, it is challenging to deliver essentials like food packs and hygiene kits in person to struggling families during crises. Compassion’s church partners in the Dominican Republic, Ghana and Kenya adapted during the pandemic by introducing electronic cash transfers to ensure children and families in desperate need received the support they needed.

Meeting neighbours through Virtual Connections

In the midst of the pandemic, Compassion adapted to connect children in our program, local church partners and sponsors over Zoom through online, Virtual Connections in order to eliminate communication barriers. This new initiative brings greater understanding and connection between the neighbors we serve.

It wasn’t just a year of emergency response.

During the pandemic, our local church partners continued to prioritize regular child development programming, including:

Education icon

Educational support

Child protection icon

Child protection training

Emotional support icon

Emotional support and counselling

Spiritual care icon

Spiritual care and discipleship

The gift of a Bible

In the Philippines, twins Kathlyn and Kasandra are holding their illustrated children’s Bibles. Pictures make it easier for children to enjoy reading the Bible.

Open and close icon

The gift of a bible

In the Philippines, twins Kathlyn and Kasandra are holding their illustrated children’s Bibles. Pictures make it easier for children to enjoy reading the Bible.


Board of Directors


Mark Fletcher
Halifax, Nova Scotia
VP of Projects and Construction, Teng Inc.


Shannon Williams
Duncan, British Columbia
Teacher, Cowichan School District

Jennifer Adkins
Langley, British Columbia
Race and Ethnic Relations Specialist
Ph.D. Student, University of British Columbia

David Burton
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Atlantic Regional Director General, Government of Canada (Canadian Heritage)

Clark Kassian
Calgary, Alberta
Lawyer, Dentons Canada LLP

Leighton Reimer
Caronport, Saskatchewan
Chief Financial Officer, Briercrest College and Seminary

Dr. Marie Geschwandtner
Ottawa, Ontario
Chiropractor, Body Garage Ottawa/Hunt Club Chiropractic

Len Hummel
Scarborough, Ontario
Executive Director, Pentecostal Financial Services Group & Pension Fund, for the PAOC

Dr. Andrew Johnson
Calgary, Alberta
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Calgary and Infectious Diseases
Medical Microbiology Specialist, Foothills Medical Centre

Rev. Ian Lawson
Lethbridge, Alberta
Itinerate Teaching Pastor, Briercrest College and Seminary

Executive Leadership

Allison Alley
President and CEO

Tim DeWeerd
CFO and Executive Director of Business Services

Mike Carmody
Executive Director of Marketing and Digital Growth

Jamie McIntosh
Executive Director of Partner Relations

Misty Ropp
Executive Director of People and Culture


Board Meetings

September 4, 2020
October 29-30, 2020
February 25-26, 2021
May 27-28, 2021

Nominating and Governance Meetings

September 30, 2020
February 20, 2021
May 12, 2021

Finance and Audit Committee Meetings

August 28, 2020
May 14, 2021

Around the world

Read stories of your impact

The gift of clean water

Through a water purification system installed in the Compassion partner church in Tamarindo, Peru, the whole community now has access to safe water. Local families are receiving potable water to improve their health and also the gospel of Christ, which is bringing hope and healing to children and their families.

Open and close icon

The gift of clean water

Through a water purification system installed in the Compassion partner church in Tamarindo, Peru, the whole community now has access to safe water. Local families are receiving potable water to improve their health and also the gospel of Christ, which is bringing hope and healing to children and their families.

Our Beyond Sponsorship initiatives are funded by your donations to our Complementary Interventions and Survival Programs. Through online reports, it’s easier than ever for you to see the impact of your generosity. Here are three of the 242 interventions Canadians funded in 2020-2021.

Helping moms and babies in Haiti

Babies are at risk of death due to premature birth complications, complications during childbirth, infections, pneumonia and diarrhea. Through the Compassion Survival Program in Savane Ouest and Christ-Roi, Haiti, moms now have access to medical care and are being empowered to raise healthy and happy babies.

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Safe water for children and families in Ghana

In southeastern Ghana, Compassion is partnering with churches in the villages of Akyeamfor and Bonkrom, where many families live in poverty and lack access to safe water sources and proper sanitation. With your support, children and families in these rural regions now have access to safe water for drinking, cleaning and cooking through two mechanized boreholes and four large water tanks.

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COVID-19 relief in El Salvador: starting small businesses

With your support, 1,227 Compassion-assisted families from 127 churches in El Salvador have been able to start or recover their small businesses and begin generating income. Not only did caregivers receive critical start-up capital, but they have also been trained to lead and manage their businesses more effectively.

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