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Global impact

Here’s where you made an impact

More than 2 million children and their families are being assisted through Compassion’s ministry in partnership with over 8,000 local churches in 27 countries around the world.

Global map of Compassion partner countries around the world


  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua

South America

  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Peru


  • Burkina Faso
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Togo
  • Uganda


  • Bangladesh
  • Indonesia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand

The faces of Compassion’s ministry around the world

Soraya, 6, Haiti

After an earthquake destroyed the home she and her grandmother lived in, Soraya praised God when her simple prayer was answered.

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Sharif, Habibu & Hashim, 1, Uganda

When triplet boys were born to a single mom of 6, it was a struggle to simply live. Compassion’s Survival program brought immediate aid for malnourished babies and loving support to a desperate mom.

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Esther, 10, Burkina Faso

When faced with crisis, Esther relied on what she had learned at her Compassion centre about prayer, provision and trusting in God. Because of sponsorship, she saw a miracle.

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Luis, 8, Colombia

Monthly food hampers, rent support as well as spiritual care visits from Compassion staff helped Luis’s family find hope during a period of extreme hardship.

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Financial details

Annual revenue and expenditures

Fiscal year: 2022 2021 2020
Program Revenue
Child & Youth Development 62,567,114 63,192,836 63,388,556
Complementary Interventions 8,184,138 4,656,725 4,424,143
Survival 2,605,441 2,093,322 1,730,829
Disaster 1,278,980 3,980,610 591,581
Total Program Revenue $74,635,672 $73,923,493 $70,135,109
Other Revenue
Investment Income 9,997 327,993 383,588
Other Revenue 27,645 1,104,856 13,702
Total Other Revenue $37,642 $1,432,849 $397,290
Total Revenues $74,673,315 $75,356,342 $70,532,399
Expenditures 2022 2021 2020
Program Expenditures
Child and Youth Development 50,923,219 52,039,749 52,689,722
Complementary Interventions 6,797,311 3,729,326 3,539,314
Survival 2,084,353 1,674,658 1,384,663
Disaster 2,203,874 3,184,488 473,265
Total Program Expenditures $62,008,757 $60,628,221 $58,086,964
Operating Expenditures
Fundraising 7,037,871 6,262,803 6,280,680
Administration 5,896,223 4,518,685 4,469,308
Total Operating Expenditures $12,934,094 $10,781,488 $10,749,988
Total Expenditures $74,942,851 $71,409,709 $68,836,952
Ratios 2022 2021 2020
Program 82.6% 84.8% 84.29%
Fundraising 9.4% 8.8% 9.1%
Administration 8.0% 6.4% 6.6%
Rolling 5 Year
Program 83.9% 84.2% 84.34%
Fundraising 9.5% 9.6% 9.6%
Administration 6.6% 6.2% 6.1%

Canadian Christian Council of Christian Charities seal

Compassion Canada proudly accepts the Seal of Organizational Integrity and Accountability from the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities.

Here’s how donations were used.

Program Expenditures

Child & Youth Development


Targeted Response


Targeted Response

22.4% Urgent needs

19.9% Disaster relief

18.8% Survival

15.9% Education

8.8% Water, sanitation, and hygiene

5.4% Stability

4.7% COVID

2.2% Health

1.0% Church plant

0.9% Sponsorship launch

Cost of fundraising donut chart

The cost of fundraising

Of every dollar we spend, just 9.4¢ is used for fundraising efforts.*

This pays for all of our fundraising staff, print and media advertising, printing and distribution costs for our mailings, fundraising events and online activities. Compassion does not, directly or indirectly, pay finder’s fees, commissions or percentage compensation based on contributions.


Canadians contribute to the life-changing mission of Compassion in a variety of ways, including by giving of their time and talents, platforms and influence, as well as through financial gifts. We call these partnerships.

Here's just a snapshot of our partnerships in 2021-2022


supporters gave time, talent and financial gifts


individuals and organizations gave financially


influencers used their platforms on our behalf


active supporting churches and church networks


volunteers in communities across Canada

Canadian-supported Program Participants and Interventions



moms and babies supported through Survival by Canadians



survival projects funded by Canadians



children and youth supported through Children and Youth Development by Canadians



letters written by sponsors



children benefited from Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene interventions



children benefited from Stability interventions



children benefited from Education interventions



children benefited from Health interventions

A life-changing gift

Janeli is hugging her very own Bible. In Peru, Centre Director Benancio notes that since gifting a Bible to each child, families are starting to read it together at home and the church is growing!

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A life-changing gift

Janeli is hugging her very own Bible. In Peru, Centre Director Benancio notes that since gifting a Bible to each child, families are starting to read it together at home and the church is growing!


Board of Directors

Mark Fletcher, Chair
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Vice President of Construction Teng Inc.

Shannon Williams, Vice Chair
Duncan, British Columbia, Director of Children’s Ministry, New Life Community Baptist Church

Clark Kassian, Secretary
Calgary, Alberta, Partner, Dentons Canada LLP

Ian Lawson
Lethbridge, Alberta, Itinerate Teaching Pastor

Leighton Reimer
Caronport, Saskatchewan, EVP & CFO Briercrest College & Seminary

Dr. Andrew Johnson
Calgary, Alberta, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Calgary

Len Hummel
Toronto, Ontario, Executive Director, Pentecostal Financial Services Group and PAOC Pension

Dr. Marie Geschwandtner
Ottawa, Ontario, Chiropractor, Body Garage

David Burton
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Regional Director General - Atlantic, Department of Canadian Heritage

Dr. Jennifer Adkins
Langley, British Columbia, Vice President, Inclusive Excellence, Trinity Western University


Annual General Members Meeting

September 10, 2021
October 29, 2021

Board Meetings

October 28-29, 2021
February 24-25, 2022
June 16-17, 2022
September 9-10, 2022

Nominating and Governance

October 20, 2021
February 10, 2022
June 7, 2022

Finance and Audit Committee

September 2, 2021
June 2, 2022

“It has been such an honour for our church to partner with Compassion Canada since 2020. They have come to share with our church family twice and each time they have helped us to better understand the heart and vision of Compassion Canada and how our church can be part of what God is doing around the world. Since 2020 our church has been able to help over 100 children through our partnership. May God continue to use this ministry to reach the nations with the love of Jesus.”

– Elise Peterson, Pastor of Missions and Evangelism, The Embassy Church (Oshawa, Ontario)

“For the past 20+ years, my family and I have supported the work of this wonderful organization that doesn’t just preach the gospel of Jesus but practices it. They are transparent to donors in their use of funds and effective in changing the lives of children wherever they work. I have seen it first-hand. Every charity my family supports has to meet a high standard of efficiency and results. Compassion is always at the top of our list."

– Robert, donor (London, Ontario)

“The beauty of Compassion is that it opens the door for members of the global church to partner together in the mission of seeing and loving each other well. Compassion tells stories of children who have experienced the pains of poverty and loss but who also enjoy teasing their siblings, playing with friends and sneaking a bite of dinner before mom calls them to eat. We connect through our shared experiences and walk humbly amidst our differences. As we see Christ in each other, we are drawn closer to the throne of grace.”

– Andrea Nwabuike, sponsor and volunteer (Mississauga, Ontario)

“Compassion Canada's intentional support of our church community has shaped how we see the world and our role in the kingdom. Our congregation has found such joy and delight in our child sponsorship relationships. We are thrilled to partner with an organization that puts such a high priority on partnering with local churches around the globe.”

– Steve Bock, Lead Pastor, Grant Memorial Church (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

“I used to think I had absolutely no control over some of the terrible situations in this world and how, even if I helped, it still wouldn’t be enough to do anything important. Now I have seen that no matter how busy I am, how young I am or how few resources I have, I can still make even a small difference in the world, right where I am. That has grown my confidence in my ministry future.”

– Lael, student and fundraiser

“I am immensely grateful for the way Compassion tangibly cares for and serves children experiencing poverty, all in Jesus’ name. As a global ambassador of the hands and feet of Christ, I know that Compassion will use my giving to provide a better future for millions of precious children around the world.”

– Daniel, donor (Burlington, Ontario)

Around the world

Read stories of your impact

Washrooms can change a community

At a Compassion centre in Cebu City, Philippines, the construction of new washrooms for the community gave children a place to wash their hands and learn good hygiene, helping to prevent disease and promote healthy habits!

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Washrooms can change a community

At a Compassion centre in Cebu City, Philippines, the construction of new washrooms for the community gave children a place to wash their hands and learn good hygiene, helping to prevent disease and promote healthy habits!

Our Targeted Response initiatives are funded by your donations to our Complementary Interventions and Survival Programs. Through online reports, it’s easier than ever for you to see the impact of your generosity. Here are three of the 416 interventions Canadians funded in 2021-2022.

Helping moms and babies in Ecuador

A child’s first year of life is when they are most vulnerable, especially for those affected by poverty. Through this Survival program, families of 41 babies received nourishing food, medical care, home visits, Bible teaching, instruction in childcare and development, and skills training to provide future family income.

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Safe Water and Sanitation in Togo

For the 800 residents of the small village of Atsave, nitrate levels in the water were four times the safe limit. Because of your support, this community now has a safe new borehole, latrines and a solar pump to provide clean water to the community.

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Skills Training in Rwanda

COVID-19 disrupted both economies and education worldwide. Many youth had incomplete schooling and few job prospects. Your support provided tuition and support for 145 vulnerable young adults to train for in-demand jobs. Having completed vocational training and internships, these students now have bright economic futures!

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