10 super Father’s Day gifts for the hero in your dad

Provider. Protector. Hero. There are a lot of titles you can give the dads in your life. This Father’s Day, honour the man in your life who’s always been your hero by letting him be a hero to children in poverty too!

Here are 10 Father’s Day gifts (and some bonus gifts) for every kind of dad!

Men work with saws and other tools as they build chairs and tables

The handy dad

Superpower: Building a playhouse with one hand tied behind his back

His love language was power tools. He was the dad who built your swing set when you were a kid—and taught you how to change the oil in your first car. Give carpentry tools in his honour this Father’s Day so teens living in poverty can learn a trade.

Bonus gift: a new tool belt

Give carpentry tools
A man stands in a freshly tilled field, a garden hoe resting on his shoulder.

The gardener dad

Superpower: The greenest lawn on the block

This dad is a landscaping expert and spent his weekends edging the lawns so his kids had a beautiful place to play. Give gardening tools in his honour this Father’s Day to help parents in poverty earn an income by keeping a vegetable garden.

Bonus gift: a pair of pruning shears

Give gardening tools
A water filter held up between dirty water and a glass of clean, filtered water.

The camping dad

Superpower: Building a roaring fire—no matches necessary

This dad loves roughin’ it. From foraging in the forest to make his own wilderness stew to sleeping under the grandeur of the stars, he taught you to connect to nature. Give the gift of a water filter in his honour this Father’s Day to help children in poverty drink clean water.

Bonus gift: a water filter of his own to take camping

Give a water filter
Two girls ride down the street on one bike. They both wear peach coloured shirts with brown dresses.

The biking dad

Superpower: Zero to 35 in 15 seconds

This dad taught you how to ride your first bike and instilled a love in you for feeling the wind on your face as you cruise along. Give the gift of a bicycle in his honour this Father’s Day to help a child in poverty get to school.

Bonus gift: a new pair of biking gloves

Give a bicycle
A young girl in a yellow dress, swings on a swing-set and smiles.

The playful dad

Superpower: The fastest tickle monster in town

This dad was always wrestling, tickling and chasing you around the couch—and pushing you way higher on the swings than mom would have liked. Help build a playground in his honour this Father’s Day so that children in poverty can have the gift of play too.

Bonus gift: a board game to play with the family

Give a playground
A child sits on a bench in brick classroom. She writes with a pencil, using her textbook as a hard surface to write on.

The homework dad

Superpower: Reciting multiplication tables at the speed of light

Every night, he plodded through fractions and spelling words with you because he understood just how important education was. Give text books in his honour this Father’s Day so he can pass on that love of knowledge to a child in poverty.

Bonus gift: an engraved pen

Give text books
A teenage girl sits in hospital bed. Recovering from surgery.

The doctor dad

Superpower: Removing splinters in the blink of an eye

Maybe he didn’t have an actual Ph.D., but he was always there to bandage a knee or dry a tear. Give life-saving surgery in his honour this Father’s Day so he can ensure that a child in poverty is fed and cared for.

Bonus gift: a first-aid kit for his car

Give the gift of surgery
A teenage girl stands in a doorway, looking off into the distance.

The pastor dad

Superpower: Memorizing more Bible verses than anyone you know

He wasn’t necessarily on staff at a church, but he was the man who taught you the importance of God’s Word and living like Jesus. Give a teen the chance to go to a spiritual conference in his honour this Father’s Day so he can share God’s love with youth living in poverty.

Bonus gift: a devotional book

Give a spiritual conference
A boy sits on his bed. A mosquito net is draped behind him.

The outdoorsy dad

Superpower: Existing on beef jerky longer than should be humanly possible

This dad loved exploring the great outdoors and taught you the importance of nature—and bug spray. Give a mosquito net in his honour this Father’s Day so he can protect a child in poverty from malaria.

Bonus gift: a travel hammock

Give a mosquito net
A girl laughs as she stands beside a pile of sticks, leaned against a wall.

The hero dad

Superpower: Boundless love

Every kid needs a hero. Someone in their life who demonstrates love in everyday ways—from a driving lesson to a well-timed hug. Give a gift to where most needed in his honour this Father’s Day so he can provide timely, urgent support to a child in poverty.

Bonus gift: a copy of his favorite superhero movie

Give where most needed

By Brandy Campbell and Amber Van Schooneveld

Written by: Amber Van Schooneveld

Amber Van Schooneveld is the Managing Editor of Compassion International's blog.