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Sandiele: from student to teacher

It’s no surprise that Sandiele grew up to be an English teacher. In 2006 she said she wanted to be a teacher, probably English, because she was fascinated with a world beyond her own. Sandiele’s curiosity with other cultures was nurtured by Compassion, and the teachers at her project made an impact on her. Sandiele […]

date: October 3, 2013
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The journey of a letter

You might not realize how important letter writing is to your child. Kids eagerly await their sponsor’s words of love and encouragement, reading them over and over to friends and family. But have you ever wondered how your letters actually get there? When Canadians mail their letters, they’re sent directly to our office in London, […]

date: August 28, 2013
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A translator’s story

Ever wondered who it is who translated your letters to your sponsored child? Meet Josiane Yanogo, one of our translators at Compassion Burkina Faso. Today, I watched a soccer match with a Canadian sponsor, learned about the work of a veterinarian in Australia and ate sushi on a Korean dinner table. I travelled all of […]

date: June 24, 2013
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Are Letters Really That Important?

Letter writing is a bit of a lost art. Let’s face it – most of us would rather send a short email or a quick text than spend time fashioning our thoughts and writing them out. Letters seem to have lost their relevance in our fast-paced, electronic world. It’s too bad, really. There’s something thrilling […]

date: September 5, 2012
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