Child labour. All over the world, young children are required to work hazardous jobs to help their families make ends meet.

The reality of child labour is grievous. Many children lose their childhood because of the demand to bring in additional income for their families. This hard work takes a toll on them in more ways than one. The burden of responsibility beyond their years, the often-physical strain of the jobs they are performing and the impact this has on accessing education are just some of the heavy consequences of child labour.

Compassion centres are actively involved in alleviating this burden from the shoulders of children. Through our proven child development program, children are cared for holistically and family situations are taken into consideration. When children become part of the Compassion program at their local church, the Compassion staff identify the circumstances of families and ensure that caregivers are given the opportunities and resources to meet their family’s needs. They also monitor the child’s well-being and encourage full participation in their education.

Ending child labour is important work. It takes intentional and strategic action.

Watch this video to learn practical steps on how you can make a difference today.

Are you interested in learning more? Check out our latest blog post on how we’re partnering with individuals to help make child labour a thing of the past.

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Elizabeth St. John

Elizabeth St. John

Elizabeth St. John is a Content Specialist at Compassion Canada. She's passionate about crafting stories that shine a light on God's redemptive power in a broken world. When she's not fitting words together, she's either cooking her favourite foods or watching movies with her husband.