There’s no wrong choice. This Giving Tuesday, we have two $10 gift options that provide children in poverty with the basics for a bright future: a Meal for a Family and a Newborn Care Package.

In the spirit of creating meaningful fun, we are inviting you to choose the gift that resonates with you. But truly, you can’t go wrong no matter what gift you choose to give.

This Giving Tuesday:

Meal for a Family vs Newborn Care Package

…but it’s really all of us vs child poverty.

Looking for impact stories? Jump to Johaner’s story or Jeni’s story.

How your Giving Tuesday gifts fight child poverty

You can be confident that these gifts are effective in fighting child poverty around the world. When you give, your gifts are delivered within the framework of Compassion’s proven holistic child development program.

Over the last 70 years, Compassion’s holistic child development program has lifted millions of children, families and communities out of poverty. Compassion has both a proven legacy of impact and a leading-edge posture of learning. This ensures our programs maximize transformative outcomes for children and youth.

This holistic child development program is the engine that powers our mission—releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Your support, from sharing posts to giving generous gifts, is the fuel.

Your gifts make powerful stories of impact come to life—stories like Johaner’s and Jeni’s.

The impact of a Meal for a Family: Johaner’s story

Johaner and his sister Joicy sit at a table outside their home, smiling and eating the plates of food.

Johaner and his sister Joicy enjoy a meal together.

When kids don’t have food on the table, the effects are so much more than just an empty stomach. Hunger causes kids to become underweight, putting their healthy physical development at risk. It can also impact their education and cognitive development.

In Tolú, Colombia, where food prices have increased by approximately 25 per cent in the last year, nine-year-old Johaner experienced all these effects.

“It makes me feel afraid, not having food for my children,” says Elis, Johaner’s mother. “Sometimes I do not even have bread for my children, and they get sad.”

Johaner and his mother, Elis, are hugging each other and looking at each other, smiling.

Johaner with his mother, Elis.

Johaner dreams of being a professional soccer player. But instead of nurturing this dream, chronic hunger caused Johaner to be underweight and miss days of school, unable to learn on an empty stomach.

“I get sad when there is no food at home, and I pray to God, asking Him for food,” says Johaner. “Sometimes when I can’t go to school because there is no food, I get worried about not passing the school year.”

Thankfully, the Compassion child development centre at the local church partner was able to intervene.

“Johaner received food baskets to help his family during the food crisis affecting the country,” said Alaym, the Compassion centre director.

Johaner and his mother, Elis, are standing outside their house receiving a food basket from the Compassion centre.

Pastor Adalgisa from the local Compassion church partner delivers a food basket to Elis and Johaner.

“I am happy when the centre gives us food. My favourite food is rice,” Johaner says.

“It is important to give food baskets to children as it helps them to be healthy and gain weight. In addition, it brings hope and peace because families get worried and stressed when there is no food at home,” says Alaym. “It is a privilege for me to be part of the centre and be God’s hands to help those who are in the greatest need.”

When you give the gift of a Meal for a Family, you put food on the table for kids like Johaner. It’s more than just food in bellies—it’s a foundation for healthy growth and development, good education and a child’s ability to dream.

It’s giving nourishment, opportunity and hope. 

The impact of a Newborn Care Package: Jeni’s story

Content warning: This story includes mention of infant loss.

Jeni, Serli and other mothers with their babies are standing in a room at the Compassion centre holding bags of supplies provided by the Survival program.

Jeni, Serli and other moms with care packages provided by the Survival program.

Early in the morning in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, Jeni waits outside her home with her three-month-old baby for her friend, Serli, to pick them up on her motorcycle. The two mothers are on their way to the Survival program at the local Compassion church partner.

Jeni and Serli’s husbands work in the rice fields as labourers. Their income is plagued by instability and unpredictability, making it difficult to meet their families’ needs.

Amidst this struggle, both women had the opportunity to join Compassion’s Survival program.

“When registering to join Survival, we were told by the staff that we would be assisted to meet our babies’ needs, and we would learn about parenting. I’m grateful to be one of the participants,” says Jeni.

Serli is on her motorcycle carrying her baby, Nara. Jeni is riding on the back of the bike with her baby, Fhendy.

Jeni and Serli on their way to the Survival program at the local Compassion church partner.

Jeni knows all too well the importance of having support and resources for a newborn. In the past, she had a baby that tragically passed away at just four days old.

“Her death was sudden. I was traumatized by that incident,” Jeni explains. “I felt guilty for not being able to help my baby.”

As part of Survival, mothers living in poverty gain access to healthcare for themselves and their babies, nutritional support, parenting workshops, emotional support and spiritual care from Survival staff, and a community of other mothers and caregivers who support each other.

Survival staff hand-deliver care packages according to the age and needs of the babies in the program. These packages can include groceries, toiletries, detergent, diapers, baby clothes and more.

“When my son was born, I received four pairs of new clothes for my newborn, so I didn’t have to pay for clothes,” says Jeni. Having the support of the Survival program made all the difference for her son’s fragile first days of life.

When you give the gift of a Newborn Care Package, you provide vital supplies for a newborn baby’s first weeks of life. A bright future starts at the beginning—the Survival program ensures babies get the best start possible.

It’s giving care, support and a healthy beginning.

This Giving Tuesday, it’s all of us vs child poverty.

Help reach our Giving Tuesday goals to provide kids in poverty with the foundations for a bright future.

Meal for a Family or Newborn Care Package…

What will you choose to give?

Give now

Alyssa Esparaz

Alyssa Esparaz

Alyssa is Compassion Canada's Manager of Content and Public Relations, telling stories that inspire and equip compassionate people to take action on behalf of children in poverty. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto, where she studied International Development, and a current Master of Communications Management student at McMaster University.