Accompanying some gifts in our Gifts of Compassion gift guide, you’ll notice a note that indicates that your gift will go towards a fund, such as the Income Generation Fund or Safety and Stability Fund, while other gifts have a progress bar on them. What does that mean? We’re here to tell you!

Two types of gifts

There are two types of gifts in our Gifts of Compassion gift guide:

1. Fund gifts

Fund gifts meet some of the most common needs of the children and families we serve around the world as identified by our local church partners. These are gifts like emergency food packs, livestock, mosquito nets, clean water and more.

Because these gifts are so common, they could go to almost any one of our 8,000 local church partners around the world at any given time, depending on their needs. As a result, we don’t always have the exact specifics to share with you in the gift guide. Instead, we put your gifts towards a fund that resources our local church partners as they express specific needs related to the gifts presented in the gift guide.

A Thai boy sits with a food package delivered by his Compassion centre.

For example, this year, when you buy Food for Malnourished Children, your gift goes to the Global Food Crisis Fund, which equips our local church partners to respond to the worst hunger emergency the world has seen in decades. This ensures that your gift of food for malnourished children can be directed where it’s most needed at any given time.

The word “fund” might make it sound like your gifts are sitting in a bucket somewhere, but rest assured it’s actually quite the opposite: fund gifts meet some of the most urgent needs identified by our local church partners. This “fund” model equips our church partners to use your gifts in the most effective way possible. It also means that if we encounter the awesome problem of too much generosity, your gifts can be easily re-directed within the fund to the closest related need.

2. Specific gifts

Unlike fund gifts, specific gifts meet a—you guessed it—specific need identified by one or a small group of our local church partners. In this case, we know the specifics of exactly where your gift is going and how big the need is.

A girl flips through a school notebook.

For example, one of our specific gifts this year is Kitchen and Dining Improvements. Two of our local church partners in an Indigenous community in Colombia told us about the need for secure and safe dining spaces with a potable water system, to help them provide meals to more than 1,200 Indigenous children. In total, these kitchen and dining improvements will cost $68,580 between the two centres. Through Gifts of Compassion, we’ll invite you to give a gift of $100, $250 or $500 towards this project, and once the need is met in full, we won’t be raising funds for it anymore. Instead, we’ll add new gifts as our local church partners express the needs of their communities or we’ll invite you to give towards other related gifts.

That’s why you’ll notice these types of gifts have a progress bar on them. Together, we can track our progress towards meeting this specific need in full. This also means that not every gift in our gift guide will be available forever. So, if you see something you want to give towards, make sure to do it sooner than later!


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This year’s Gifts of Compassion funds

The Gifts of Compassion gift guide is broken down into seven categories, each representing a fund. Here are this year’s Gifts of Compassion funds:

Global Food Crisis

Two boys in Sri Lanka sit at a table eating a meal.

The global food crisis is the worst hunger emergency the world has seen in decades. For those who are living in extreme poverty, the crisis is pushing them to the brink of starvation. When you give to the Global Food Crisis Fund, you will fill hungry bellies through meals and food packs, combat malnutrition through intentional care and provide the resources families need to start a backyard farm as a sustainable and ongoing source of food. 

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Income Generation

A family in Togo stands outside their home with crops they grew in a backyard farm.

When you give to the Income Generation Fund, you provide families living in poverty with resources to earn an income: things like livestock, seeds, skills training and more. This is a gift that keeps on giving, as it helps families overcome the desperation that lack of skills, resources and opportunities creates, and gives them the stability they need to build a future.

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Education and Training

A student in Ghana sits at her desk.

When you give to the Education and Training Fund, you will provide children and youth in poverty with access to learning resources and educational opportunities to equip them for futures free from poverty. This includes textbooks, computers, tuition for vocational training, college or university and other essential learning materials. 

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Moms and Babies

A Compassion staff member delivers a Newborn Care Package to new parents.

Did you know that most of the millions of children who die every year pass away in their first year of life from preventable causes? When you give to the Moms and Babies Fund, you can change this tragic reality. Your gift will provide tangible care and life-saving support for moms and babies living in poverty. This includes prenatal healthcare, checkups, critical medical care, desperately needed food and essentials for newborns.

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Health and Wellness

A young Indonesian boy plays with a bandage over his right eye.

When you give to the Health and Wellness Fund, you are providing children and their families with the resources that meet their most critical health needs. Preventative health initiatives are incredibly important to help keep children healthy. This fund covers things such as menstrual health resources, mosquito nets, dental kits, food for malnourished children and hygiene kits which help prevent health crises for vulnerable children and their families. 

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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

A boy in Colombia holds up a clean glass of water.

Water, sanitation and hygiene are some of our most basic needs, and a lack of access to them can be deadly. With this gift, you will ensure that children around the world have clean water to drink, the ability to practice good hygiene and protection from deadly diseases through things such as washrooms, hand washing stations and hygiene education.

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Safety and Stability

A family in Kenya stands in their destroyed home.

When you give to the Safety and Stability Fund, you will provide vital essentials such as housing support and infrastructure improvements to families and communities in need, often in the aftermath of crises or environmental disasters. This fund also supports caregivers and communities in accessing training such as child protection workshops, ensuring safer communities where children are known, loved and protected.

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This year, your gifts are critical in pulling children and families back from the brink of starvation.

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Written by: Alyssa Esparaz

Alyssa is Compassion Canada's Manager of Content and Public Relations, telling stories that inspire and equip Jesus followers to live compassionate lifestyles. She is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto, where she studied International Development.