WATCH: How can Christians respond to a crisis?

An interview with Abbel Joseph of Compassion Haiti on the Word Made Digital podcast  
  • By: Lindy Brown

All of us are affected by rising costs of living as well as complications from recent world events. But some regions of the world have been harder hit than others. Haiti has experienced devastating earthquakes, political unrest and a deepening food crisis. Canadians have reached out with compassion to help. 

But have you ever wondered who is on the receiving end of money given?  

Meet Abbel Jospeh, Senior Manager of Program Support overseeing Disaster Management for Compassion Haiti. In this inspiring conversation, Joanna la Fleur asks our friend Abbel about what it means to respond in times of crisis. 

In this video Abbel shares: 

  • His experience as a child being sponsored through Compassion 
  • The factors that have led to a crisis in his country 
  • How he and his team are responding strategically to love their neighbours and release the vulnerable from poverty 
  • What it means for his country that nearly half of the 11 million people of Haiti do not have enough food to eat, and more than 1 million are in severe hunger crisis 
  • How you and I can compassionately respond to the needs in our own communities  

We invite you to take some time to watch and learn how Christians around the world are responding to this crisis.

How might God be leading you to respond in your world and community today?