Ask the kids! What do you want to know about your sponsor?

  • By: Alyssa Esparaz
A group of kids sit in rows, writing letters to their sponsors.

Need some inspiration on what to write in your next letter to the child you sponsor?

We asked some kids at a Compassion centre in Ethiopia:

What do you want to know about your sponsor?

Here’s what they said!


Biniyam, 11

A portrait of Biniyam. He is wearing a blue t-shirt and sitting on a playground.

“It was so cool when my sponsor sent me a picture of himself. He is a doctor. I would like to know what kind of doctor my sponsor is and what kinds of things he does as a doctor.”


Eden, 13

Eden reads a letter she's written to her sponsor. She is wearing a green top.

“My sponsor’s name is Hannah. She has been my sponsor for four years. I would like to hear more about my sponsor’s life, and I would like to know if she and her family are doing well.”


Seferash, 13

A portrait of Seferash. She is sitting on a step in from of a mural, smiling. She is wearing a black and white stripe tshirt and green camouflage pants.

“My sponsor is 19 years old. She sent me a photo of herself. She is very beautiful. I would want to know what my sponsor is doing—is she is working or studying?”


Bemnet, 9

While working on a letter to his sponsor, Bemnet holds it up in front of his face to read what he's written. He is wearing a red jacket and holding a pink pencil.

“I have received two letters from my sponsor. I wish very much that he would write me more and tell me stories about himself.”


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Written by Alyssa Esparaz and Amber Van Schooneveld

Photos by Ben Adams