What are your after school extra-curriculars?

  • By: Laura Phillips

As we head back to school this month, we’re taking you through a Compassion back-to-school checklist here on the Compassion Canada blog, with some inspiration from kids around the world!

A Compassion back-to-school checklist:

We’ve shown you how kids get to school and how Compassion helps kids pay for school. Today, we’re going to check out what kinds of extra-curricular activities Compassion kids do after school. Let’s take a peek!


Dennesis from Ecuador practices saxophone.

Dennisis wears a bright yellow sweater and holds a saxophone

Photo by Nico Benalcazar


Elom from Togo plays soccer.

Elom wears a purple jersey and holds a soccer ball

Photo by Ben Adams


Kenia from the Philippines lifts weights at track practice. 

Kenia wears a black and blue jersey and lifts two weights making a tough face

Photo by Chuck Biggar


Zangre and her volleyball team get ready for practice.

Zangre and her volleyball team stands in a v-formation holding volleyballs

Photo by Ryan Johnson


Aime from the Dominican Republic practices ballet in the studio.

Aime sits on the ground wearing her tutu

Photo by Yrahisa Mateo


Three little members of Batey Aleman baseball team in the Dominican Republic get ready to play ball!

3 little boys wear their red jerseys and hats

Photo by Gina Kelly


Extracurriculars and education help grow healthy, passionate and thriving kids! But what could a child’s life look like without it?

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