Meet another group of unsung heroes: Compassion’s Partnership Facilitators

Project Facilitator Virigina sits at her desk behind a Dell laptop. She is wearing a blue jacket with the Compassion logo on it.

WATCH: In the midst of poverty and a pandemic, the hearts of Compassion’s Partnership Facilitators and their love for children shines through.


“It’s an immense privilege to be a Partnership Facilitator and be used by God. We’re committed to keep serving the children to be known, loved and protected.”

– Virginia, Partnership Facilitator in Totonicapán Region, Guatemala


Bridge builders. Champions. Unsung heroes. These are just a few words that can describe Compassion’s Partnership Facilitators.

If you sat across from one of the over 600 individuals who are Compassion Partnership Facilitators around the world, you’d hear stories as unique and varied as the communities they serve. That’s what makes the role of the Partnership Facilitator so uniquely exciting: their job is to know the unique contexts and needs of the 12 to 15 Compassion church partners they serve and come alongside those churches to encourage, equip and empower them as they deliver Compassion’s program to children living in poverty.

Partnership Facilitator Virginia sits with a pastor and Compassion centre director. They are social distancing and wearing protective face masks.

And yet as diverse as our Partnership Facilitators are, they also have a lot in common: deep faith and love for Christ, passion for the local church and a desire to see children released from poverty and unleashed into their full potential.

You might not hear about our Partnership Facilitators often, but they are a vital part of Compassion’s ministry, championing and resourcing our local church partners as they work on the frontlines to end poverty in the lives of children and their families.


“A Partnership Facilitator needs to be someone that is a tremendous fan for children. That the love for children is in their hearts and [they] see the potential in them.”

– Kleber Lora, Senior Director of Regional Program


Coming soon: Community Leader Letters

This spring, we’re excited to give sponsors the opportunity to hear directly from their sponsored child’s Partnership Facilitator through our Community Leader Letters.

Partnership Facilitator Virgina sits at a desk speaking on a cell phone.

In these letters, our Partnership Facilitators share candidly about what life has been like in the communities they serve during the COVID-19 pandemic. They share about the challenges children and families have faced, how schools have been impacted, how local churches are adapting and how we can be praying for their communities.

The letters will be available mid-April and can be most easily accessed through your My Compassion account. If you’re a sponsor and you haven’t created a My Compassion account, now would be a great time to do so, to ensure you don’t miss these incredible updates.

Go to My Compassion

Community Leader Letters will be mailed to those who don’t have a My Compassion account or have opted in their Communication Preferences to receive letters by mail.


It’s all about partnership

The title Partnership Facilitator truly highlights one of the things that makes Compassion’s ministry great: partnership.

Of course, another of the key partners in the community of people surrounding each Compassion child are sponsors. Compassion sponsors join with Partnership Facilitators, Compassion Centre Directors, office staff, volunteers, pastors and so many others to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Each of the more than two million children in Compassion’s program are surrounded by a network of people who are committed to their development and to ensuring that they are known, loved and protected.

Sponsors get to be a part of what our Partnership Facilitators see every day: children flourishing and stepping into the fullness of the good God has in store for them.


Be a part of releasing a child from poverty today.

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Photos by Javier Ellis. Video by Jonatan Ruiz.